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Is It Hot in Here Or Are We Just In Leo Season?

Join two Aquarian-ruled ladies as we burn our sister sign with their own fire 

(Sophia Sanders / Rowdy Magazine Graphic Designer)


The emotionally intune time of Cancer season has come to an end and Leo season has begun. Of course, we didn’t have to tell you that — we’re sure Leos have made it abundantly clear on their social media. 

Leo, whose ruling planet is the Sun, loves being the center of attention. So, what does this mean for us during this time? It means we can harness the confidence of this fixed fire sign into our daily lives and channel Leo’s adoration for the spotlight in expressing our needs. 

Make yourself the main character for once, since Leos do it constantly. For the people who usually find themselves brushing things off to the side out of fear of confrontation, now is the time to say what’s been eating away at you. 

As a fire sign, Leos are known for their creativity. To the creatives reading this, your art is about expression! Use this time to put your feelings and thoughts onto paper. Channel this season’s ego boost and take pride in the art you are contributing to this world. But this is a good time to start positive projects for everyone! 

Conversely, it’s also the time to emulate some of the light the Sun gives off and prioritize self-love this season. That means, if you need to, think of yourself as the art for a change. 

Cancer season was really emotional, and you may have been feeling uncertainty towards yourself and the way others perceive you. But this season is filled with self-assurance.  Remind yourself how incredible you are! 

With that being said, make sure not to let your pride get the best of you. There is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant, and this is an easy time for that line to blur. Don’t be too boastful at the expense of others. As Leos love being the center of attention (we get it; the Sun is the center of the solar system), they can sometimes forget to consider other people and their feelings. Don’t just listen to talk. Listen to understand. Your friends are your friends, not your fans. 

But Leos, of course, aren’t just prideful (though we love to pick on them, like any good sister should). They are fiercely loyal, and just like a lion protects its pride, a Leo is the first to jump to protect their loved ones. 

Did someone subtweet you on Twitter? Leo already saw, and they’ve already clapped back for you with some funny line that shut them up. Subtweeter: deceased. Did a guy put his hand on you somewhere he shouldn’t? Leo’s the one who says: Did she say you could touch her? This loyalty can transcend into your relationships, your endeavors and the self-care you so rightfully deserve. 

Leos are also extremely generous — when they choose to think of the whole world as their pride that is. (P.S.: Did y’all know a group of lions is a pride, not a pack?? Mindblown.) Channel this attitude by wearing a mask, thereby considering others and their health. Donate to organizations and Gofundmes if you have the means to. Or even just something as simple but powerful as offering a helping hand to someone in need. 

There are the many important dates to mark in your calendar during the following weeks:

On July 27, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces will form a sextile (an aspect in astrology when the planets of two signs are 60 degrees apart. It is a time of positivity, harmony and growth). This will heighten our intuition, creativity and spirituality and is considered a favorable time to practice magic or manifestation. If you were tricked by TikTok into thinking Aug. 27 is a chosen day, good news! She came a month early. (By the way, we’re still mad at the inexperienced and uninformed “witches” on TikTok that tried hexing the moon. Seriously, how dare you?)

On August 3, there will be a full moon in Aquarius. As Aquarius is the sister sign, or opposite to Leo, this will a refreshing contrast to the rest of the season. Leos pride themselves on being well-liked, whereas Aquarians pride themselves on being unique and independent. (Though Aquarius, we know you also want to be liked for this.) You will feel this individuality heavily on that Monday, seeing that Monday is the day of the Moon and its phases are more prominent that day. Full Moon energy is always about intentions finally coming to fruition. We can feel the full force of its energy, especially as the Sun, who illuminates the moon, is exalted (or more powerful) in Leo. But with two signs as dramatic as these sisters, try to direct that energy towards something positive — or else some fiery conversations may be in your future. 

Speaking of conversation, Mercury will be in Leo on August 4. Since Mercury is the planet that rules how we communicate, it being in Leo means we will be communicating with boldness. Maybe you’re finding yourself funnier in your regular conversations, as you actually find the confidence to make the joke you never do. (If you don’t, the closest Leo will just repeat it louder anyway.) Although this is great in some cases, again, boldness is only so far removed from dramatics. 

Now, here’s what everyone wanted to know:  

Romance thrives this season. 

After all, summer is notorious for flings. Leo’s braveness will help push you to say or do things you may have not had the courage to last month.

If you want to feel charismatic enough to flirt with someone attractive who you are usually intimidated by, mark August 5 in your calendar. Venus in Gemini will meet with the North Node, and Geminis are notorious for being unapologetically flirty and smooth. 

If you want to tell someone how you really feel, mark August 7 in your calendar. Venus will be in Cancer, and as we’ve learned over these last few weeks, Cancer allows us to connect with how we really feel. Leo’s confidence will do the rest. 

On August 18, the new moon in Leo will be invisible to the human eye but prominent in our minds. You will feel a rush of energy, and it’s likely you will demand to be seen and heard. If there is any day to feel like a true Leo, it’ll be that Tuesday. Shine like the Sun because you will sure as hell feel like the center of the universe. The new moon is also a good chance to set your intentions and make goals that will bloom over Virgo season. 

This is the last season of summer break before Virgo’s hardworking nature gets us ready for fall semester. Enjoy the ease and passion of this fire sign to tackle new feats that Virgo season will help you actualize. Don’t get bogged down on the details; that’s Virgo’s job. 

Be bold. Be seen. Be generous. But don’t let the fire get to your head. You may be shocked and upset, but the world doesn’t actually revolve around you. 


Grace Romo is Rowdy Magazine’s Copy Editor. Her sun is in Libra, but she has an Aquarius stellium in her first house so she is internally a water bearer. When she isn’t writing poetry or taking pictures, she is listening to indie music way too loud. You can follow her on Instagram @msromoo for anti-racism tips and song recommendations.

Ava Loomar is Rowdy Magazine’s Editorial Director. She has an Aquarius AND Scorpio stellium. She likes red wine, politics, staying up till 4 to watch One Piece and songs with four-part harmonies. Follow @whosava on Instagram for memes and winged eyeliner. If you’re interested in writing for Rowdy, shoot her an email at


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