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Made by college students, for college students.

Before our founder, Andrea Wilson, started Rowdy Magazine in September 2018, the University of Florida lacked a creative platform that championed art, culture and activism in an unconventional way.

We’re a small but mighty media company made by students who care so deeply it hurts sometimes. With the conviction that aesthetics should never be compromised for content, Rowdy Magazine became one of the only design-focused publications at UF. Every word, photograph, layout and graphic in our book serves a purpose. We’re intentional. 

Rowdy is much more than a stack of papers bound together. It’s what you binge at home with a glass of wine, a conversation starter when you're hosting friends and something to admire from the couch during your nightly vegetation––oops, we mean *meditation.*

Known for our on-campus mobile newsstand, personalized team jumpsuits and eccentric pop-up events, Rowdy has become a unique part of the college experience for any student who chooses to get involved—whether by joining the team, supporting as a loyal reader, or following us on social media. 

Our community is strong beyond our semesterly print publications.

Since then, our audience has grown alongside us. With over 800 copies sold, over 9,000 followers across social media platforms and a reach of over 560,000 in over 20 countries, we're proud to be the largest independently-run student fashion and pop-culture college publication in the United States. We've been featured in Nylon Magazine and partnered with Gen-Z and BIPOC-owned brands. We got tons of friends, and we want to be yours, too.  

We want to be your best friend from middle school, your cool older sister that gives advice and your hot Summer B fling that swept you off your feet all in one. But we don’t like labeling our relationship–– Rowdy is constantly changing and adapting, just like the college students we are. 

We hope to continue growing with every issue in order to strengthen our voice and inspire our generation—all with the intention of leaving the world a bit better than how we found it.

With love and hot-glue burn marks,






We're the leading online and print destination for fashion, pop culture & politics. 

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