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Grab Your Tissues: It’s Cancer Season 2020

Cancers you have 24 hours to respond.

(Sophia Sanders / Rowdy Magazine Graphic Designer)


[Editor’s Note: This article has been written by two Aquarius-ruled writers and their jokes may be reflected as such]

2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Pandemics — viral and racist — have caused us all to have a great number of internal conflicts. If you just ran out of tissues on your nightstand, you may have noticed Cancer season is upon us. So prepare yourself for introspection and channeling that emotional energy towards good. 

Astrology is more than your sun sign. You actually have a whole birth chart. You can calculate your birth chart here. You’ll need your birth date, time and place. 

In order to truly understand someone’s astrology, you have to at least know their big six: their sun, moon, rising (or Ascendant), Mercury, Venus and Mars sign. A person’s sun sign is their personality. A person’s moon sign reflects their emotions and subconscious, while their rising sign shows what they’re like socially. Mercury signs determine how someone communicates. A Venus sign explains how someone loves, and lastly, a Mars sign reveals a person’s willpower and their sexual energy.   

Cancer, the Crab, is known to be very in tune with their emotions. (They know they’re soft –– what do you think the hard shell is for?) This makes them very intuitive and considerate with other people’s emotions, as well. Since Cancer season began on June 21, that emotional sensitivity and instinctive nurturing will rub off on you until July 22 when the season shifts into Leo. 

Cancer is a water sign along with Scorpio and Pisces, and they’re known to be very emotional. (Yes, you read right. Scorpios are water signs even if they aren’t emotionally vulnerable until six months in.) That being said, people with water elements in their chart should expect to feel extra sentimental during this season. 

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon pushes and pulls the tides. Sometimes it’s blissful seas; other days it’s stormy skies. Are you as nurturing and peaceful as a tide pool? Or as violent and destructive as a tsunami? The moon changes signs every couple of days, and sometimes it can feel as if a Cancer’s feelings change just as quickly. 

Happy, sad, loving, protective, angry, scared –– Cancer feels it all. But Cancer’s power lies in riding their highs and their lows, instead of shying away or detaching like some signs (Read: This is an Aquarius self-burn, by the Aquarius-ruled writers of this column). 

The first day of Cancer season and summer began with a new moon in Cancer on June 21. New moons already mean massive foundational energy and a symbol of rebirth, but there was also a solar eclipse lending its ambitious energy to our passions and emotions.

But this Cancer season, there will be a total of not one, but two new moons and a lunar eclipse. On July 5, the Capricorn full moon will be a lunar eclipse, bringing structure to our emotions regarding familial and intimate relationships. The second new moon will be July 20. 

Has there been something weighing you down that you want to let go of? (Like society as a whole, perhaps?) Well, this Cancer season is the sign you’ve been asking the universe for. Let it go. But the only way to do that is to take a cue from our crustaceous friends and just feel it out. Rely on the family and friends you’ve opened up to during this period to be your anchor through the storm.

Mars rules willpower and the sexual energy one possesses. Mars is currently in Aries, which represents confidence, passion and directness. Yes, you will be feeling more overwhelmed than usual during this season, but this is also a chance to use the spontaneity and courage Aries brings out of people and channel it towards something positive. Now that Venus is direct in Gemini, get ready for your flirtationships to get even more intense. (Mars in Aries is also a great time to have fiery, unapologetic sex.)

When we asked Ava’s tarot deck what the rest of Cancer season looks like, it told us the Six of Coins (Pentacles). The first six months of the year have been difficult. If you don’t feel stable, take the Six as a sign to feel comfortable asking for help or accepting it when offered. Take inspiration from the season: It’s Okay To Be A Crybaby! Necessary, even. Cancers are strong because they’re vulnerable.

(Sophia Sanders / Rowdy Magazine Graphic Designer)


We hope that this time can be insightful and heartwarming to everyone. (And that is coming from two women with Aquarius stelliums who know the dangers of detaching yourself too much.) As we continue quarantining (because it is the right thing to do unless you’re working or protesting), we are all feeling lonely and scared. But you need to feel to heal. 

If you felt stable during the first half of the year, it’s important to empathize –– to lend a helping hand to others trying to get on their feet. Whether that means sacrificing some of your time, donating money to bail bonds, or just vocalizing your emotions and experiences. Do what you can to help. Mars in Aries is backing you up!  


Ava Loomar is Rowdy Magazine's Editorial Director. She likes red wine, jamming to alt-rock and staying up till 4 to watch Sailor Moon. You can reach her on her Instagram @whosava. If you're interested in writing for Rowdy, please email her at

Grace Romo is Rowdy Magazine’s Copy Editor. When she isn’t writing poetry or taking pictures, she is listening to indie music way too loud. You can follow her on Instagram @msromoo for anti-racism tips and song recommendations. 


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