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  • How often do new issues get released?
    Our issues come out once per semester. Each semester, our team works to take a new direction, cover relevant topics and address issues our audience faces daily.
  • How do I join the team?
    After each new issue is released, the individual teams (business, marketing, editorial, design) will put out an application open to everyone including our own working team members. From there, the teams will fill open positions and conduct their own application/interview process. Applications are typically open for two weeks and we encourage anyone interested to apply, regardless of experience or background. We are always looking for more creative minds and dedicated workers.
  • Who funds the organization?
    Rowdy is 100% student-run—started by students, for students. We are completely funded through advertisements, magazine sales, merchandise and events. Every cent made goes back into our overhead costs.
  • Is Rowdy a UF student organization?
    While Rowdy is made up of UF students, we are not a sponsored organization by the school. Meaning, we don’t receive funding nor adhere to university guidelines. As an independent organization, we have more freedom to cover all topics and address issues that impact the Gainesville community as a whole.
  • Why the name 'Rowdy' Magazine?
    Rowdy originally began off a play of 'Rowdy Reptiles,' a nickname given to the University of Florida Gators. It has since then grown to include the rambunctious and unique way our staff and audience expresses themselves through their style, art, and fashion.
  • Can non-UF students join?
    As Rowdy has vastly expanded over the last few issues, we've considered taking remote staff who are not based out of Gainesville, FL. Such positions will be advertised as remote only, with the bulk of staff meeting in-person. These are on a case-by-case basis.
  • Are contributors and staff members paid?
    As of right now, Rowdy is a 100% volunteer-run publication. Every cent made in our brand is invested back into overhead costs, repaying our lovely loaners back, or printing our magazine. Unfortunately, we don't have the funds to sustain a fully paid staff at the moment, but it is very high on our things to do!


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