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Turn Up The Saturation And Slide On Chunky Rings

Online ring store Ochoa has got you covered for everyone's new summer jewelry trend.

( Curtesy of Ochoa )


This article was made in paid partnership with Ochoa


OK hear me out: crocheted tops, slices of watermelon and chunky colorful rings. These are the vibes we are creating for summer 2021. No ifs, buts or excuses. It’s time to enter the summer with a bang, and what better way to do that than with vibrant rings decorated onto your fingers.

If you haven’t already heard, chunky rings are taking over the internet. Fashion icons Emma Chamberlain and Bella Hadid have been obsessed with the trend for months now. According to Refinery29, the search for “colorful rings” have increased in page views by 19%. And it makes sense as to why.

Chunky rings are like the adult versions of Ring Pops. Yeah, they may not give you the same sugar rush, but you’d be lying if you said you’ve never bought one just to show them off to everyone in the classroom.

The same goes for chunky rings today — they’re a form of unapologetic expression for the creative and the baddie in everyone. This is the same type of mentality that online chunky ring store Ochoa has when creating their selection of rings.

Ochoa was founded by Jennifer Marcos and Wiet de Bruijn, two architecture students at The New School in New York. There, they started ideating designs for funky resin rings after flipping through photos of the radical furniture pieces that emerged from the 1966 archizoom — I’m talking conversation pits, squiggly sofas that fit together like puzzle pieces and chairs that curl like the backend of a snail.

It was Jennifer’s mother, Karina Scope, who introduced the pair to the wonders of resin rings. Scope is also an architect and owner of St. Halos, a custom-made ring store. It was with St. Halos that Ochoa collaborated with to create their first ring, the Itinera Ring which comes in everything from blues and pinks to green and dalmatian.

Today, Ochoa ships their rings worldwide with customers everywhere from Miami, New York and Costa Rica. So yes, if you're thinking about buying, you should probably get to checkout sooner than later.

When you finally indulge and make your first purchase, here's Rowdy's tips on how to style them:

Keep it simple

For those of who like the keep things minimalistic, stick to one ring per finger. If you're feeling a little extra, coordinating colors with your nails will make the statement even stronger


Pictured: Itinera Blue for $40.

Monochrome, Baby

That's right. We're keeping monochrome in our pocket this summer. Layer up on monochrome resin rings to stay fashionable while packing more of a punch to your fit.


Pictured: Itinera Blue for $40.

For the true radical

These are for my unhinged babes. You probably stopped giving a shit halfway through quarantine. You may have dyed your hair or got a mullet. Maybe both.

Either way, you're totally unafraid to let your creativity shine. Mix and match colorful rings to create a vibrant explosion on your fingers.


Pictured: Itinera Blue for $40.


Lauren Rousseau is the Online Editorial Director of Rowdy Magazine. When Lauren's not starring at a phone or laptop screen, she enjoys watching ridiculous reality television, stress-baking and listening to music. You can pitch her stories at and find her on Instagram @laurenxrousseau


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