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These Purses Are Taunting My Wallet

Nowhere to go, so many purses to see.

(@courtneecrews / Instagram)


Purses are special — they hold our most prized possessions when we’re on the go, yet somehow manage to spice up your outfit so effectively. A cute purse can come along with you when you’re going to the grocery store, to a flea market, or even when you’re going to the movies. (Going to need a bigger purse to sneak in snacks to the theatre, though. ;) )add a (big) purse ;). There is never a bad time to add a purse to an outfit. 

To match your funky sunglasses, and matching mask, these are the purses we’ve been feeling this year. 


Of course, I’m going to talk about the Telfar bag. The Bushwick Birkin is the perfect bag for any situation. Yes, the small red one can barely hold my iPhone but I’m still fighting to successfully buy one before they sell out again… And maybe also the huge tan one to feel like the coolest kid on the block. 

You can wear a Telfar bag with a trash bag dress and still look cool. Please, just don’t buy from the bots and support the queer Black designers behind the brand instead.

Baguette Bag

I’m sure you all know this bag. The baguette bag has been everywhere lately, and I’m not mad about it. I have my fair share of these bags, so I can speak from experience when  I say they are so cute with your boyfriend jeans and a cropped tank or a “hii, girly!” dress with doc martens. From a pastel purple to a simple little black bag, these bags are adorable. Although they don’t look like they hold much, it’s manageable to fit your necessities in there. 

Bright colors 

Adding a vibrant colored purse to your outfit is the perfect way to give your fit that extra kick. A  stunning lime green purse can always step up your basic white tee. Even if you’re already wearing a brightly-colored outfit, a different colored purse is an opportunity to color block. To add more color to the mix, you can add a different colored chain to your purse. 

Vintage designer  

From Prada to Fendi, vintage designer purses have taken over — which will hurt my pockets dearly. Most people are finding these gems at flea/vintage markets for a fraction of the price. Whether they are real or not, they still look super cool. 

If anyone sees a vintage Dior saddlebag, please hit me up. 

Although we are still in the midst of a pandemic with basically nowhere to go, treat yourself to a cute bag every once and awhile. 


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can find her on Instagram @hannah__engel.


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