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Are Fashionable Masks Really the Future?

Being safe is really hot.

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As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the country in record numbers, masks are undeniably becoming an essential part of daily life. Especially if you’re a Florida native like me, where masks are now mandatory in multiple counties.

As universities and businesses move forward with plans to reopen, your ensemble of sweats that you accessorized with a three-month-old Amazon mask won’t only be seen by just the grocery store clerk anymore. 

Masks are rapidly transitioning into a new form of style expression. So, if you’re craving online shopping with a purpose, here are the most on-trend face masks I could find on the internet. 

Los Angeles Apparel 

This L.A. based brand sells these 100% cotton face masks in packs of three with an overwhelming amount of color combinations. From duo-pastels to neon animal prints, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, every time you purchase a set from the brand you ‘help fund their ability to donate masks to other essential services while providing living wages and supporting vertically integrated U.S. manufacturing’. That’s super dope if you ask me.


I want them all. These street style masks with a touch of western vibes have been featured on so many publications— and with good reason. 

Not only does this brand really nail the aesthetics, but it donates a portion of the proceeds to the International Rescue Fund, which benefits neglected places in the world, such as Yemen and Nigeria. (These locations are getting hit by COVID-19 the hardest.)

Susan Alexandra 

Okay, this beaded beauty is a tad expensive, but if you’re looking to splurge, they are the definition of chic. Also, I’m dreaming about how these would look paired with one of the designer’s infamous bags. (If you have one, I envy you.) 

All proceeds go to the organization Gays & Lesbians Living in A Transgender Society, and we love that. 


(Rose tie dye protective fask mask /

With the tie dye trend still going strong, this pale pink moment fits right in. If you caved and have a DIY set, this mask will undoubtedly pair perfectly. 


And lastly, for the minimalist in all of us these monochrome ‘100% HUMAN’ masks are a simple statement piece. 

Everlane expressed that this collection donates 10% of sales to the ACLU and that it’s given over $600k so far. That’s a mask I would wear proudly for sure. 

Remember, wearing a mask is an act of love for yourself and those around you. Stay safe. 


Madeline Murphy is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. She’s currently studying Journalism with a minor in Women’s Studies. Madeline can be found making Apple Music playlists, trying Nigella Lawson recipes and binging SATC. She’s fiercely passionate about social justice and the power of words. 


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