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7 Trendy Sunglasses For Summer 2020

Now I just got to find a matching mask

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Sunglasses just might be the best fashion accessory invented. Think about it: they upgrade your outfit and hide your eyebags at the same time — genius. I mean, I guess they’re also good for protecting your eyes from the sun. But they’re also a quick fashion grab for your daily stroll. 

They’re a touch of personality for your wait in line for the grocery store. If you pair them with your mask (as you should), you can get away with going barefaced without worrying about running into your sixth-grade crush after three months of vegetating at home.   

This summer, we’re feeling all the drama with our shades. Oversized or tiny, size doesn’t matter. Now let’s get into it: 

1) Oversized Frames

These large shades add a large amount of personality. Bible, putting these on make you 40% closer to becoming a Kardashian. (Throw on some Yeezy’s, lip liner and grab a giant bowl of salad and you’ll be 70% there.) People who wear these glasses do not care about what you think of them. They’re statement pieces and honestly, if they make me feel closer to Kris Jenner like me more, I’m game. 

2) Narrow Rectangular Shades

These sleek frames are the easiest way to make a statement. If you get them in black, they effortlessly make your simple outfit so ‘90s chic. And can we talk about the edge factor? I don’t know why but every person I see wearing these shades look like a bad bitch. You can’t convince me otherwise. There’s a subtle power to them. 

3) The Classic Cat Eye

You can’t go wrong with some old Hollywood flair this summer. Cat eye sunglasses are feminine and fierce, and they can kill it in multiple shades this summer. These shades serve sass to anyone who gets a look at them. It’s lowkey powerful. Try a thinner, more elongated cat eye pair to ramp up the edge. 

4) Colored Lenses

Oh, to see la vie en rose. These pretty babies are the epitome of the artsy friend meets the trendsetter. I honestly don’t know if you can call someone wearing these basics. Nope, not possible. And if we’re being real, these last few months have been rough on everyone.   They’re Honestly, the last few months have been rough to say the least. Whip these pretty boys out to add a pop of color to your look. 

5) Unconventional Shaped

These shades are for my friends who aren’t afraid to be a little  ~quirky~

I think we can all agree that the rules do not apply to 2020. So, why should we stick to mainstream fashion shapes? To give yourself a more ~quirky~ look, try floral or heart shaped sunglasses. 

6) Aviator Shades

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These shades are like the edgier, more refined version of the classic Kardashian oversized frames. Often with a metallic wire frame, these add a futuristic and edgy vibe to your fit. They’re also a shout out to the ‘80s. I’m not going to lie, these shades just make me think of Billy Hargrove on lifeguard duty of Stranger Things season three. Still a major look, though.

7) Thick, Funky Frames

These are for the effervescent and bold who don’t like restrictions. You can now find sunglasses with wild animal print frames, bold neon colors, or even a classic tortoise to match your tortoise earrings you’ve had forever. 

After being anti-social for so long, NGL I’m kind of unsure of how to look people in the eye. So, excuse me while I impulsively add 20 sunglasses to my cart to help my social anxiety. 


Lauren Rousseau is the Online Editor at Rowdy Magazine. She loves watching drug-store versions of The Bachelor and baking cookies at innapropriate hours. Find her on Instagram at @laurenxrousseau and email her pitches at


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