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SAVAGE X FENTY Is Phresh Out The Runway

Rihanna, please take my money.

( @savagexfenty / Instagram)


As Fashion Week reaches its conclusion, what I have personally been waiting eagerly in the wings for has unabashedly taken the stage, front and center, with the spotlight beating down hard: Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Lingerie Fashion Show.

And it was epic. 

Sultry, lavish, sexy, rich, this wasn’t just a fashion show. It was a story, a poetic performance and one hell of a moment. The show (which some may call a movie) dropped October 1 on Amazon Prime Video. And RiRi spared no expense in its creation. 

Strutting down breathtaking set designs, diverse arrays of models and celebrities showed off striking lingerie. We freaked out over performances by Rosalía, Roddy Rich, Bad Bunny, Miguel, and Travis Scott. Our jaws dropped after witnessing appearances by Bella Hadid, Normani, Demi Moore (who knew 57 looked so good??), Lizzo, Big Sean, and Willow Smith. 

Not to mention that Rihanna also took the moment to introduce the start of her new Savage X Fenty menswear line.

Everything was enrapturing, from start to finish. So let’s take a look at some of the most notable highlights from Queen Rih’s Savage X Fenty Fashion Show:

The Diversity

After years of watching Victoria Secret Fashion Shows strewn with similarly looking, primarily white models, Rihanna’s shows have always been adored for its diversity and inclusivity. And just like always, Rihanna completely kicked down doors for representation in the fashion industry. Regardless of your body type, gender or race, anybody and everybody could find a piece of themselves in her show. 

In the production, Rihanna stated “I want to make stuff that I can see on the people that I know, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, races, religions...I really care that they be a part of what I do.” 

Just like all of her projects, that’s just what she did, and it was truly something beautiful to watch. 


Savage X Fenty also gave us the behind the scenes gems of the makings of the show. Rihanna broke it up into sections: from Mood to Sexuality to Community, it’s so evident that Rihanna is very much her brand. She’s not just the name behind it, she's involved in every process, whether that be choosing the fabrics or dressing the models. 

And after watching, I don’t think I’ll be complaining about her lack of music anymore (at least I’ll try not to). This is completely Rihanna’s element. Who can be mad at that?

Now, let's get to what we were all waiting for: THE LOOKS

One of the most popular looks of the show was Rico Nasty’s Dear Diary lingerie set. In addition to the blunt jet-black bob and baby bangs, Rico Nasty was eye-catching in an unlined ebony bra, embroidered with Rihanna’s own doodles and scribbles, a string thong and thigh high boots. She looked like a complete badass. 

This look is quickly selling out online. So buy your Savage X Fenty VIP package ($97.85) while you still can. 

Two words: Bella. Hadid. 

To the intoxicating beat of N.E.R.D.’s She Wants to Move, Bella was a pantheress on the prowl. Wearing the collection’s black caviar floral glow unlined lace ($59) bra, a matching garter skirt, latex gloves and stockings, and fully adorned with diamonds, Bella was captivating. (Also how much hair spray did it take to keep her hair in that beehive???)

The sensual angel to Bella’s devil, Normani was the moment.

A performer at Rihanna’s 2019 show, Normani came out fierce. Her strut confident, her skin glowing, her energy contagious. Giving bride realness, Normani wore a knee-length wedding veil that she jerked behind her to reveal all white lingerie, set with a floral glow lace balconette bra ($19.98) and a floral glow backless garter skirt ($15.98), and ivory latex gloves and stockings.


The new menswear looked HOT

Big Sean’s FENTY look consisted of checkered SAVAGE boxers ($22.95) and a matching jacket, and I was living for it. I don’t know if it was the intricate braids, the glasses, the diamond necklaces, or the ‘fit itself, but Big Sean was hands down my favorite male look of the night. To put it simply, he looked hot. 

The face of the Savage X Fenty menswear line, Christian Combs swaggered in checkered red and black SAVAGE boxers and matching jacket to Pedro’s Drenas. He was accessorized with heavy diamond chains, rings and a patterned white bandana.

Lizzo served Cake

Seductively dancing to D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar in front of a mirror, Lizzo wore an electric blue demi unlined lace bra and thong, with matching fingerless gloves and gauzy fishnets. She glowed with a diamond choker necklace, flashy bracelets and pure white sneakers. Her performance was perfect for the “Mood” section of the show.

As Jazzelle Zanaughtti said, "take notes hoes the future is HERE!!!!"

With slicked-back platinum blonde hair and bold shades, model Jazzelle Zanaughtti wore a lace and vinyl cupless corset ($27.98) that strapped across her torso and wrapped around her neck, attaching to bright blue latex stockings. 

(Fun fact from the show: everything latex was all handmade for the models and required 60 bottles of lube!)

I want an invite to the Garden Party

Walking to Frank Ocean’s Self Control, actress Laura Harrier and model Paloma Elsesser were bold and beautiful in Garden Party lingerie sets. Decorated with floral eye makeup, Laura wore a matching lilac hibiscus bra and strappy bikini bottoms, with sheer shoulder-high gloves and thigh-high stockings. Fit to the theme, Paloma wore a pink and purple flowered boa along with a lacy violet bustier and garter skirt and sheer tights.

My ultimate favorite look of the show was worn by model and actress, Nazanin Mandi. With green petaled eye makeup and earrings, Nazinin was one of many show stealers. She wore a green crystal-embellished (literally 15 crystals guys) caged bra ($64.95), along with a floral thong ($22.95) and garter belt ($39.95). To complete her look was forest green gloves and tights, with tiny pink bows to accentuate the lingerie. 

Queen Rih did her first walk of the show in the Garden Party scene (and you know, I was casually left screaming). Blossoming out of a large, blush pink flower with petaled lashes and long braids, Rihanna’s smize was infectious as she strutted the catwalk. She wore an ornate purple corset and matching bottoms, with a flowered boa and deep purple thigh high stockings.

To close what was a spectacular show, Rihanna looked fierce wearing a polka-dotted, tulle top with leather shorts and ruffled gloves. 

It's safe to say that she served both body and face in both of her looks.

And that is a wrap on 2020’s Savage X Fenty show. 

No shade to other fashion shows (JK take notes *cough Victoria’s Secret cough*) , but this is what a show should be like. It was engaging, diverse and actually FUN to watch. Not to mention the music, the dance and the layout of the entire show had me smiling from start to finish. She truly created something so authentic and wonderful and so completely her own.

Rihanna, please take my money.


Jenna Bennett is an Editorial Assistant at Rowdy Magazine. She loves online shopping, annoying her chihuahua, crying over fictional characters and watching cute animal vids on Instagram. You can reach her at @j.ennabennett for more info and awesome book recommendations. 


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