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Rowdy X UF Girlboss Club

An excerpt from episode four of Rowdy's podcast, Shit Going On.

Description: Welcome to the FOURTH episode of podcast! After weeks of NDAs and confidentiality agreements, the secret is out of the bag: we met the ANONYMOUS @ufgirlbossclub admins and got them for an EXCLUSIVE interview. Join us as we gaslight, gatekeep, and girlboss our way into our first ever podcast interview and collab!

The following is a short excerpt from the fourth episode of Rowdy’s newest podcast, Shit Going On. On this episode, hosts Grace Rodriguez and Carolina Zamora sit down and talk with the admins of the @ufgirlbossclub account on Instagram. Since starting the account in March, the anonymous admins of the Instagram account have been inspiring the next generation of Boss Babes at UF with guides on how to avoid dickmatization, getting a hot booty and how to ethically masturbate. During the interview, the anonymous hosts delve into the admins’ journey with their satirical account, how they’ve managed to blow up online, their opinions on “real” girlbosses and one of the craziest story times you’ll ever hear.

To listen to the full 30-minute episode, click here.



HOST GRACE: OK so they are going to introduce themselves.

ADMIN ONE: OK so I am admin number one, the bisexual admin.

ADMIN TWO: Hi! And I’m admin number two, the lesbian one.


HOST CAROLINA: They are also still remaining anonymous so if you thought you’d figure out who they are, uhhh, you are not going to do that.

GRACE: Don’t even think about trying to hold a gun to our heads and trying to get us to tell you—

CAROLINA: We’d rather DIE than tell you the names of the admins of the account.

GRACE: We will die with this secret. You will never know.

CAROLINA: You will never know!

CAROLINA: So, yeah! That’s what we are going to be doing today. We are so excited to have them here — I was going to say on our room—

GRACE: In our humble—

CAROLINA: We literally record in a classroom guys… It's not that deep —



CAROLINA: So yeah… How are you guys?

GRACE: How was your weekend?

ADMIN ONE: A lot of finals… stressing…you know. Girlbossing the finals.

ADMIN TWO: Yeah no seriously — and then we are going home so we got to pack everything which is annoying.

ADMIN ONE: Yeah I’ve pulled several all-nighters trying to finish all these music assignments — I’m a music major.

GRACE: Oh God! I couldn’t. No thanks, actually.

CAROLINA: What does a music assignment — like what do you have to do?

ADMIN ONE: It depends on the class obviously [laughs] but for music tech we have to make our own beat or composition. I’m a composition major so for my composition class I have to make like huge scores of my own music

GRACE: That’s cool as fuck!

ADMIN ONE: Thank you! But then for piano I record scales and repertoires… I’m a vocal performance focus so I have to record in German and French and all this opera shit.



GRACE: Girlbossing!

CAROLINA: She’s a girlboss, y’all!

GRACE: I would like you all to take a shot every time we say girlboss.

CAROLINA: Yeah! Actually… please don’t. We don’t want to condone…

GRACE: And what about you?

ADMIN TWO: I’m a poli-sci major but I switched into poli-sci after drop/add so I’m not taking any poli-sci classes at all! I’m taking journalism classes cause that was my original major. But that’s OK! Its alright!

CAROLINA: I just switched— but we are both J school. Aye!

GRACE: We are just going to get into a little bit of their account and their content. Obviously, if you guys don’t follow them it's @ufgirlbossclub on Instagram. Correct?


GRACE: Go give them a follow and like all their shit!

CAROLINA: I don’t know if we have to say this but we are NOT actually affiliated with UF.

GRACE: Correct! They are just students of UF.

CAROLINA: Yeah I don’t know if we have to say that, if they are going to get mad at us.

GRACE: Not sponsored by UF.

CAROLINA: Yeah not sponsored by president.


CAROLINA: How do you even— Is it president Fuchs?

GRACE: I don’t know—

CAROLINA: Not sponsored by president F.

ADMIN ONE: Yeah president F does NOT condone our account.


GRACE: I don’t think he would.

ADMIN TWO: Yeah I don’t think they would. I had to put it in the bio as a legal disclaimer that we are not affiliated with UF because I was scared! That’s what @ufvirginity did and I don’t want them to think—



ADMIN ONE: We post basically lifestyle content — it's satire. So we’ll talk about shitty experiences with men, how to cope with shitty experiences with men, what it means to be a girlboss. Posted my booty routine, because you got to keep the peach right if you want to be a girlboss.

ADMIN TWO: Absolutely.

ADMIN ONE: We’ve brought a few terms to the general public at UF. Friends that don’t know I run the account will talk to me in girlboss vernacular.

GRACE: Its like you’re changing the world.

ADMIN ONE: Yes, basically we’re changing the world! So, like somebody will be like, “I’m so dickmatized.” And I’m like “YES! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

GRACE: I feel like that would be INSANE — like actually like Hannah Montana vibes. People being like, “omg I love this girlboss Instagram account.” And you guys are like, “hmmm who could that be?”

CAROLINA: Its so cool cause you guys are like very anonymous. It's so secretive! Like when you guys followed me I was like… OMG who is this???

GRACE: Do you guys follow the account?

ADMIN ONE & TWO: Yes, we do!

ADMIN ONE: We let our fans, like our biggest fans, know. We actually run up on people in public. So we’ll see them in public and we’ll be like—

ADMIN TWO: “heyyyyyy”

ADMIN ONE: Once this girl, her name was Dayana, she came into our SNAP vehicle and we were like “yo we are the UF girl bosses. Are you Dayana?” and she’s like “OMG what!” So yeah we do this all the time. Even in Plaza or in Turlington. We’ll see someone who follows us and we’ll be like ,“it is us.”

ADMIN TWO: Or when we are giving out bracelets too—cause we make little bracelets sometimes that we give out to people—and it's funny cause like one time we did it at night and we saw a bunch of people running to Turlington to try and get the last ones.

GRACE: I saw you guys post that! I was like “I wonder if they are watching—like are they just sitting in the grass and watching to see who’s going to get these bracelets.”


CAROLINA: OMG like secret agents!

GRACE: Didn’t someone spray paint— or was that you guys?

ADMIN ONE & TWO: That was us.



CAROLINA: Also the language. So, did you guys come up with like “dickmatized” and everything?

ADMIN ONE: Some of them I came up with, some of them I didn’t. So “dickmatized” has been on Urban Dictionary forever. “Cocknative dicksonnance—"


GRACE: Say it again please.

ADMIN ONE: “Cocknative dicksonnance…”

GRACE: You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen.

CAROLINA: No offense but you should be an English major.




ADMIN TWO: I’ve actually been gaslit in like abusive situations and its really not good. We don’t actually condone it. I had to make a post about that like saying “guys this isn’t serious” cause people DMed us and were like “Are you condoning actual gaslighting?” and I was like “No!!!”

GRACE: No, we have brains actually and we care about people.

ADMIN TWO: Yeah it's like ummm… Do you see the content that we are posting???

CAROLINA: That’s like the main thing! I mean just like the satire.

For the full 30-minute episode, click the link below.



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