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How Real is BeReal?



From Vine to to TikTok, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new social media app take the online world by storm. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet as of late, you’ve probably heard of everyone's new favorite app, BeReal.


With all of the ingenuity surrounding social media these days, this app tries to escape all of that by sending a universal notification to all users at a random time of the day where they are given two minutes to take a front and back camera photo as a way to capture candid moments to share with friends. No filters, no FaceTune, no bullshit.


We live in a world where social media has become more about algorithms and perfectly curated content than authenticity, so this idea is great in theory. However, many people defeat the purpose of the app completely by waiting until they’re doing something fun to post their daily snapshot.


Here at Rowdy, we think all the fun comes in screaming, “It’s BeReal time!” when we see that notification with the yellow emojis and racing to get our pics in before that two-minute timer is up. Whether you’re in bed, grocery shopping or brushing your teeth, there’s beauty in sharing even the most mundane moments. These are the moments we all experience but never share. Sharing these moments allows our friends to see a more bona fide version of ourselves, often cut out by social media.


Sabrina Castro is an online writer at Rowdy Magazine as well as part of the social team! When she's not obsessing over the latest TikTok trends with her cat, Lucifer, you can find her at the local Gainesville thrift stores searching for hidden Y2K gems. You can find her on instagram @sabswurld.


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