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Cardigans Are Officially Cool

Only true Floridians will wear a cardigan in 90 degree weather

(@femalesnitchery / Instagram)


Cardigans — We know them, we love them. Lately, they’ve been poppin’ off. I mean, Taylor Swift even wrote a song about them. Then, she even started selling them. This trend comeback was definitely something I wasn’t expecting. But now that it’s here, I’m all for it.

When I was younger, cardigans were my safety jacket. I would throw a cardigan on to ‘spice up’ my outfit; I really thought I was Gigi Hadid. In reality, I was wearing a Hollister graphic tee, some Abercombie shorts (that were wayyy too short), and my Brandy Melville cardigan. Not cute. 

It’s the Harry Styles cardigan that truly did it for everyone. Come on, you know the one I’m talking about. Its beautiful patchwork, the color blocking — truly a masterpiece. It’s such a piece of art that people on TikTok decided, “Hey, I think I can remake that.” 

And they did. 

I never understood why cardigans went out of style. They add to an outfit, they are comfy as hell. This upcoming fall, we are feeling a little bit more outgoing and colorful with these cardigans. 

Here’s a breakdown of the funkiest cardigans that are trending in perfect time for the fall season: 

The checkered cardigan

A twist people are taking on your granddads Christmas sweater vest. These plaid cardigans pair perfectly with your new tennis skirt or some mom jeans. They look ugly but are somehow cute?  I just snagged one myself and cannot wait to show it off. 

The cropped cardigan 

Remember that cropped cardigan you used to wear with everything when you were younger? Go dig it out of your closet because this cardigan has been everywhere lately. Wear it with a skirt, with jeans, anything. Perfect for a night out on the town or a picnic with friends. 

The flower boy cardigan

These types of cardigans are far from basic. They’re reminiscent of that ‘60s and ‘70s nostalgia we’re all eating up right now. I’m pretty sure Jackie from That ‘70s Show had a similar flower print on her pillows, too. This cardigan is sure to get you compliments and add a groove to your look. 

A classic: the oversized cardigan

You can never go wrong with an oversized anything, in my opinion. Oversized shirt, check. Oversized pants, (just add a shoelace belt) check. And now, an oversized cardigan. Wear this cardigan for a lazy Sunday inside drinking your matcha latte, or throw one on to go out grocery shopping. An oversized cardigan is essential and works in any situation. 

Get out there, and stock up on these cardigans. Fall is just around the corner! If you’re like me and trapped in the Florida heat 24/7, buy them anyway. I know I will. 


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can find her on Instagram @hannah__engel.


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