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A Green Halloween: Rowdy's guide to last-minute, sustainable Halloween fashion.

With Halloween festivities just around the corner, it can be hard to find a sustainable last-minute costume option. Or maybe, like us here at Rowdy, you’ve got a five-day Halloweekend bender planned, and you just don’t have enough outfits yet. Either way, I’m sure many of us might be tempted to turn to easy fast-fashion sites like Shein or Amazon for our Halloween looks for the sake of convenience – but you don’t have to. Lucky for you, Rowdy’s got you covered.

News flash: low-effort, low-budget costumes are in. Pre-made costumes you’ll wear once are out! This year, instead of spending a lot of money on a costume that’ll end up in a landfill after you’re done with it, consider making your own costume with thrifted clothes or even items in your own closet. If you do have to buy anything for your costumes this year, try to find something that you can wear after Halloween as well. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite, most iconic looks that can also be easily and sustainably recreated.


SOURCE: Pinterest

The star of the original 1976 cult classic Carrie also doubles as one of the easiest and most fun costumes to recreate. All you need to do is put on any light-colored dress and a crown. Then, smother yourself in fake blood.


Keeping in the theme of iconic but hot movie characters, you could dress as Megan Fox in one of our favorite early-2000s movies Jennifer’s Body. For this look, all you need is a low-rise denim skirt, a cropped white sweater and fishnet tights. Oh yeah – and more fake blood.

SOURCE: VSCO:@/emmatopp

If you’ve been anywhere near TikTok lately, you’ve definitely seen the iconic Mia Thermopolis costume from Princess Diaries. This costume not only brings back a wave of nostalgia but is so cute and easy to recreate. For this, all you need is a strapless dress, silk gloves, a tiara, black oval sunglasses and some over-ear headphones.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Matthew Gray Gubler dressed as Patrick Bateman, so I dressed as Patrick Bateman. But no, seriously, this is a good one. This American Psycho costume isn’t hard to recreate either. All you need is a dark-colored suit, red tie, plastic lab coat, fake blood and a fake ax.

SOURCE: Pinterest

People are sleeping on Sleeping Beauty. The Disney princess costumes have seriously become one of my favorites. Plus, I’m sure we all own a million corset tops by now. If not, it's an easy piece to buy and rewear after Halloween. Just pair that with a matching skirt and a tiara, and you’re golden!


Sabrina Castro is an online writer at Rowdy Magazine as well as part of the social media team! When she's not obsessing over the latest TikTok trends with her cat, Lucifer, you can find her at the local Gainesville thrift stores searching for hidden Y2K gems.


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