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This Summer, We're Drinking Beer

We have places to go, people to see, beers to drink!!!

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This article was written in partnership with Big Top Brewing Company in Gainesville.


The sun's a shining. People are laughing. Vaccines are spreading. Ah, it's finally hot, vexed girl summer and we're ready to throw hands.

After a horrendous year of being constricted inside the same four walls, people are finally safely inching out outdoors and are ready to party. And this summer, we're drinking beers — Big Top Brewing Company beers.

Big Top Brewing Company first took off in Sarasota, Florida. Though the region was home the beautiful architecture, and ties to The Ringling Circus, craft beers were nowhere to be found before Big Top Brewing. Sure enough, the company one people over with its unique and ever-expanding list of flavors and and its genuine interaction with customers. The company eventually expanded to have locations in Gainesville and Pensacola. (Don't worry South Florida. They hope to one day reach down to you, too.)

Full disclosure, I'm not usually a beer girl. But Big Top Brewing Company's beers have been any easy introduction into the world of beer for me. They're light and approachable, even seemingly refreshing. Also, their spots aren't the typical dark and murky bar scene.

In its Gainesville location for instance, light soaks the brewery, making it a welcoming environment for family and friends. For those who're still getting used to this whole socialization thing, they offer plenty of events to get the chatter flowing. You can make friends while tossing balls into beer cups during their beer bong competitions. Or you can flex your vocal muscles while you scream for the queens during drag brunches.

If you're still taking baby steps towards our revert to "normal" life, don't worry you're not alone. Try picking up some Big Top Brewery beers to go. Crack open a can at home, or take it to your trip to the beach.

One of the benefits of Big Top Brewery is its array of flavors to choose from. For those who can be as indecisive as myself, Rowdy took the time to analyze the flavors to help you choose the best beer for you.

For the Beach Babe — Conch Republic Key Lime Wheat Ale

Taking a sip of this is like drinking a Floridian Christmas. The beer has refreshing key lime flavors, with a surprising graham cracker aftertaste — and I'm not mad at it. It's a laid back ale that's perfect for a trip to the beach.

For the Dad Friend — Intercoastal Amber Ale

This is one of Big Top Brewing's more mature flavors. You don't need any fancy or citrusy flavors. You enjoy some of the simpler things in life. The Intercoastal Amber Ale is rich with toffee flavors that give it a bit of a coffee feel, similar to the Okefenokee Stout.

For the Girlbosses — Okefenokee Imperial Stout

This is for all my busy girls who have places to go, people to see and alcohol to drink. The Oketenokee is a coffee-flavored expresso, and like coffee, it’s best served chilled. If you’re a fan of espresso martinis, this one would be a great beer alternative.

For the Geeks — Lucas Skywalker Sour Ale

In honor of May 4th ( or May the Fourth) Big Top Brewing Company came in clutch with this ale. And may I say, it's probably one of their best flavors. It's a groovy melange of Tajin powder and cayenne peppers, and citrusy mango and peach purees. While the idea may sound intense, the two combine rather well. Each sip was as interesting and pleasant as the last, which kept me going for more. Plus, look how cool the can is!!!

Whichever beer you choose, Big Top Brewing Company is sure to give you a fun experience.


Lauren Rousseau was Rowdy Magazine's first Online Editor and first Online Editorial Director from June 2020 to May 2021. When Lauren's not starring at a phone or laptop screen, she enjoys watching ridiculous reality television, stress-baking and listening to music. You can pitch her stories at and find her on Instagram @laurenxrousseau


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