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Goodbye Column: You Gave Me A Voice

Print editorial director Jenna Bennett says goodbye to the magazine that made her childhood dreams to life.

( Jenna Bennett / Rowdy Magazine Print Editorial Director )


I’ve always had that typical dream as a child. That one day, I’d be working at a magazine, glasses perched on the bridge of my nose

as I typed away, editing stories, coffee warming on my desk. But then I realized that I didn’t really like coffee, and although writing was a definite passion, I didn’t see it for myself as my future. It was a dream — one that I didn’t really expect to come true.

But Rowdy gave me a voice I never knew I was missing. It brought that dream to life.

This past year has been such an adventure, and one that would have been even more difficult without Rowdy to fall back on. Despite the unconventionalness and chaos of living the past year in a pandemic, — having yet to even see the majority of my amazing team in person — being part of such a talented and creative collective has truly been an experience I won’t ever forget. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. Nights spent tirelessly in five+ hour long Zoom sessions, editing and writing, becoming editorial assistant and then co-director, has never felt so rewarding.

I want to thank some of the most talented people I’ve met in my life: Ava Loomar, Kalia Richardson, Lauren Rousseau, Grace Romo, all of our amazing print writers. You all brightened my experience with this publication and I love you so much. It wouldn’t have been home without you guys.

And I want to thank the magazine itself. For breaking down barriers, pushing down walls, being unapologetically its own self. This is my last issue, but Rowdy will always own a piece of my heart.

I’m so excited for what comes next.


Jenna Bennett


Jenna Bennett was Rowdy's Print Editorial Director from January to May 2020. She loves online shopping, annoying her chihuahua, crying over fictional characters and watching cute animal vids on Instagram. You can reach her at @j.ennabennett for more info and awesome book recommendations.


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