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Goodbye Column: Rowdy, You Get Me.

After two volumes as Rowdy Magazine's photo director, Mariel Wiley says goodbye

( Mariel Wiley / Rowdy Magazine Photo Director )


For most of us in our early 20s, the majority of our experiences are bookended by a state of limbo; a mercurial time of life when fleeting moments are followed by a great unknown. Alas, all good things must come to an end — including my time with Rowdy Magazine.

When I first arrived in Gainesville three years ago as a naive aerospace engineering major, I felt lost; helplessly adrift in a current pulling me further from myself (worsened by the fact that I despise doing math).

But college is the time in which we must finally accept who we are meant to be, and this magazine generously took my hand and guided me back towards my true self. Now, after changing my major an unholy amount of times and with two volumes as Rowdy’s Photo Director under my belt, I’m walking confidently in the direction of the person I’ve always dreamed of being. With my camera basically glued to my hand, of course.

But no matter how far I go, I’ll never forget the incredible moments I experienced as a member of this funky, powerful community that comes together to create some kick-ass art.

After two volumes as Rowdy Magazine's photo director, Mariel Wiley says goodbye.kid — feel so at home on a campus drowning in STEM. You get me. To my wonderful, amazing photo team: you guys are the sole reason I was able to bring all of my photoshoot visions to life. .Your talent never ceased to impress me and I cannot wait to see where you all take that in your lives. To my friends and family: seeing you hold physical copies of my work in your hands is the best feeling ever. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleaders.

So, I guess this is goodbye. But hold the tears! This parting of ways is a joyous opportunity for the arrival of fresh talent in my stead, and for my own freedom to take the next steps in my dream career as a photographer. Come at me, world — I’m ready for you.

You know you love me.




Mariel Wiley was Rowdy Magazine's Photo Director from June 2020 to May 2021.


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