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Goodbye Column: Macie Goldfarb

Print Editorial Co-Director

CREDIT: Macie Goldfarb


Picture this: You’re a freshman in college coming from a high school with 100 people in your graduating class. You arrive at the absolute abyss that is the University of Florida and end up in a semester-long mental crisis in which you’re too overwhelmed to pick an extracurricular hobby. Then, just when you start nailing down your options, COVID sends you back home (and ultimately back to square one).

Ring a bell?

I’d say I don’t know what I did before Rowdy, but I remember the above like it was yesterday. A little more existential panic here and there, and by Volume XI I finally landed on the front door step of the best extracurricular hobby a girl could hope for. And it welcomed me with open arms.

In my four (and a half) volumes at Rowdy, I spent three of those as the print team’s on-call grammar police and my final volume as its editorial co-director alongside the fabulously talented Kaylinn Escobar. For a brief stint, I even made a guest appearance as a copy editor over on the online team. I loved every second of it.

To Anushka and Kaylinn, thank you for bringing me home to the exact place I needed to be exactly when I needed it. Being your teammate and trainee has been one of the absolute highlights of my time in college, and my experience with Rowdy would never have been the same without you. Oh, and thank you for taking every piece of grammar and AP Style feedback I gave as gospel. You made me feel like a genius.

To Rowdy Nation, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. My college era would not exist without you, and I know a lot of people who would say the same. Hope I didn’t offend you when I called you an “extracurricular hobby”; you’ve been much, much more than that. <3

All my love forever,




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