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Goodbye Column: Sophia Sanders

Art Director

CREDIT: Sophia Sanders


*cue sad violin music*

I started at Rowdy as a sophomore looking for a creative outlet.

It’s been a wild ride, starting as a social designer and ending as the art director. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve pulled some hair out, but I’ve loved it every step of the way. Rowdy is full of talented individuals who I can not only call friends but who have pushed me to become a better version of me.

I’m going to miss celebrating with early 2000s songs at launch parties, test prints at Target Copy and working with such amazing designers (shout out to my merch, social and layout babies).

It’s sad to say goodbye to this amazing publication that has been a second home to me for almost three years, but just because I’m not going to be on the team anymore doesn’t mean they can kick me out of Slack.





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