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A Letter From a Libra On Why Balance Is Everything

Think, decide, then feel

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The last time we spoke about astrology, it was Leo season. To my hardworking Virgos: I didn’t forget you. I was too busy channeling your energy to write. But the time for working smarter instead of harder is among us. Yes, it’s Libra season. 

Although I am ruled by Aquarius because of the water-bearing stellium in my first house, my Sun is still in Libra, and boy does she love to remind me. Libras are diplomatic, sociable, well-balanced flirts that love to be right and hate to be told what to do. And just like every other season, there are certain aspects of the sign you should harness to excel during this period.

With the end of the year approaching, midterms and other priorities are already upon us. Libra’s symbol isn’t the scales for nothing. We love to balance things, and it is the reason we do so well in the positions we find ourselves in. We aren’t the sign with the most billionaires for no reason, baby. 

But how do you balance it all out? 

You have to slow down. Where Virgo’s need to do everything at once, Libras take a step back and analyze what they are about to jump into. Do I really like this person or am I bored? Do I have to binge-watch New Girl right now or should I study for that exam on Wednesday? We might be overthinkers, but constantly questioning where we are and why we’re there helps us stay present. A Libra’s biggest flaw is how indecisive we can be, but I like to think of it as making sure we are making the wisest choice possible. 

What about the planets? 

Many of you may have noticed how gorgeous and moving the full Moon was on the first of October. The Moon was in Aries, which always brings you fiery, unapologetic energy. Many used it to release the tension of Virgo season. With a clean slate, you can use that fiery energy to make concrete actions on Libra’s indecisiveness. 

On October 13, Mercury will enter the last retrograde of the year. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so when it goes into retrograde, a lot can be lost in translation. It can be quite frustrating to communicate, and this leads to fights. However, because we are in Libra season, don’t forget to weigh your options out before picking a fight. Are you mad at your partner or are you just really hungry? Asking yourself these little questions can prevent fights from occurring and let you both keep your peace.  

On October 16, the closest thing to a super new Moon will occur. New moons represent new beginnings. Start a new relationship or start a new chapter without a partner. That is the beauty of a new Moon. You never know what new adventure she holds until she’s staring you dead in the face. But whatever new path you choose to follow, make sure to take your consciousness with you. Libras value justice and harmony more than anything. Don’t hurt someone unnecessarily and communicate every step of the way.

On October 17, (the day before my 21st birthday), the Sun will align with Arcturus. Arcturus is one of the brightest stars that can be seen from Earth and one of the two most fortune stars in the sky. While the other, Spica, represents innocence and kindness, Arcturus is more about dealing with the darker aspects of life. Arcturus is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Therefore, it brings a great sense of pride, free, commanding, cosmopolitan views. It brings riches, honors, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages. 

This beautiful collision will send high frequencies to us. The energy will be powerful.

Because Libras are ruled by Venus, we love art and beauty and seduction. Let yourself be seduced by the finer things in life for the next three weeks. You deserve some pleasure after the year we have had. And although we love harmony, don’t forget this: no justice, no peace. 


Grace Romo is Rowdy Magazine’s Copy Editor. Her Sun is in Libra, but she has an Aquarius stellium in her first house so she is internally a water bearer. When she isn’t writing poetry or taking pictures, she is listening to indie music way too loud. You can follow her on Instagram @msromoo for anti-racism tips and song recommendations.


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