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Taylor Wade

Makeup Artist・She/Her

Taylor is a girl in love with all things pink, while still being the biggest tomboy. Being superbly creative and outgoing, she is also a theatre major (dance & chinese minor) while being an active member on GatoRaas (bo bo bo!). She’s a bit of a nerd when it comes to languages as she actively speaks Korean, Spanish, and English while learning Chinese. Extroverted Taylor loves talking to people, as she wants everyone around to feel loved and included. Taylor will talk your ear off about Kpop, Henry Cavill, Jujutsu Kaisen…or anything really — she just likes to talk. You can actively find her quite literally anywhere, as she’s the happiest when she’s out and about! She is now going to stop writing this description now because she feels like she’s narrating a Pokémon intro…


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