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Sam De Jesus

Assistant Co-editor in Chief · She/Her

Sam De Jesus is a second year Advertising major at the University of Florida. She is also a 19 year old singer/songwriter, with music heavily inspired by some of her favorite artists including Chelsea Cutler, Holly Humberstone, and Lizzy McAlpine, showcasing catchy pop rhythms and melodies all strung together by her own personal experiences that she hopes is able to connect with her audience with one another on a deeper level. She continues to build and write music that is authentically raw and honest, and takes her audience through a story. Sam discovered music at the age of 4 and grew up playing piano and guitar, but quickly began learning how to produce and write her own music in her bedroom. This later translated into her passion for writing for publications, editorials, blogs, and now the ROWDY Magazine. She has worked in New York City with Grammy nominated artists including Daniel Seavey from the band Why Don't We, and has had fashion/music brand partnerships with brands such as Brandy Melville, where she has recorded at their NYC music studios. In her free time, you will find her at her home music studio, working on various projects with producers and artists, at the gym, or going on mini adventures with her friends. A 4'11 connoisseur for acoustic guitars, 808 synths, and trendy fashion pieces, Sam loves to share her adoration for all things art and is always down to create.


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