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Natalie Davison

Account Executive・She/Her

Natalie is a third-year economics major with a minor in mass communication. After spending her childhood poring over fashion and lifestyle magazines, she’s thrilled to be involved with one as an adult!
Although she’s constantly finding new hobbies to pick up, her current favorites include curating extremely specific playlists on Spotify, attempting to learn electric guitar, and reading (she’s on a memoir kick at the moment). Natalie also enjoys cooking vegetarian/vegan food and justifying her shopping addiction with “it’s good for the economy.”
She’s an ENFP triple Scorpio (interpret that however you’d like) with a caffeine addiction and a tendency to over/underdress for the occasion. While she doesn’t have the specifics hammered out quite yet, she hopes to someday work for the advertising, media, or publishing industry.

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