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Gabriella Garcia-Urbay

Online Writer・She/Her

Gigi is a Cuban born and raised in Miami and currently living in Gainesville studying English and Spanish. She recently joined Rowdy as a Staff Writer looking to pursue creative writing and furthering Rowdy’s ideals and mission both online and in print.

As an English major, Gigi is looking to pursue being a publisher in New York and publish the next generation of books that will probably end up on Booktok. She is an avid reader obsessed with classics from just about every era and writing poetry that only ends up on saved google docs, a grad student's desk, or an online journal (if I’m lucky). She hopes to pursue her dreams and use her job to advocate for Hispanic voices in the media and especially in the creative realm so that their literature will be appreciated by everyone.

As someone who has been described as a Renaissance Relic before, Gigi is passionate about all kinds of things. She enjoys writing poetry, playing guitar, and listening to all kinds of music. When she’s not at home smushing her dog with kisses, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and going thrifting.

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