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Why Do Gay Men Love A Bad B!tch?

Gays and Girls ONLY!

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What do Nicki Minaj, the Wicked Witch of the West and Ruth Bader Ginsberg all have in common?

Each and every one of them is a bad bitch with a large following of gay men.

Why is that though? Why do the majority of gay men only tune into the half-time show of the Superbowl simply to watch Shakira and J-Lo prance on stage?

From witches to pop stars and everything in between, queers have always idolized women who know what they want and absolutely never take “no” as a final answer. In a world dominated by creepy-ass men with little to no gay representation, the gays™ are left to idolize badass women.

It’s kind of like finding your best friend because you both hate the same douchebag straight guy. The concept trickles over into the relationships between gay men and straight women. A mutual fear of heterosexual men and the weird vibes they radiate is enough to form one of the strongest alliances known to mankind: the girls and the gays.

Also, more often than not, the empowered, kickass women who know exactly what they want tend to be the strongest allies to the LGBTQ+ community. These women and all their badass energy is exactly what attracts gay men, as opposed to straight men (yuck). Tons of heteros meet a woman who knows what she wants and immediately write her off as a “bitch” or as someone who isn’t “friendly enough.” In the eyes of gay men, however, we see this as a sign of strength, a sign that this individual is our friend, our ally. With her dominance, she opposes some societal standards, and we love it!

Aside from a mutual hatred for straight culture (if you would even dare to call it “culture”), is the fact that women are inherently more social. Just like gay men, women are more likely than straight men to scream in the face of a DJ to put on Stupid Love while taking shots of Pink Whitney with their besties.

Another key aspect of the unique relationship between queer men and empowered women is they know we aren’t going to be sexual lol. When a gay guy tells you your tits look amazing, it’s because your tits actually look amazing. There is no weird veil of sexual tension. With us, women are comfortable enough to completely and utterly be themselves. On the flip side, gay men are also comfortable enough to be their truest camp form, without the judgement or pressure of hetero men.

The very reason that some gay men dress up head-to-toe in drag every night is the same reason why I scream everytime Countdown by Beyonce comes on: we love women.

And not like in a “Ooo gimme ur snap baby girl kinda way,” but more along the lines of, “YES BITCH YOU LOOK FUCKING FIERCE” kinda way.

All in all, the soul bond between a bad bitch and a power bottom is one that will last long after the ice caps melt and the sun explodes. The power and confidence of gay men derives from women who have had to deal with shitty men way before any of us even had the courage to come out of closet.

So, on behalf of all gays: Happy international women’s month to all the baddies out there! We stan you more than you will ever know.


Kyle Hamilton is an Online Writer for the 'After Dark' portion of Rowdy Magazine. In his free time he enjoys photography, being super gay, and drinking enough cold brew to kill a small child. You can find him at @hamkyl on insta ;)


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