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What Your Avatar Crush Says About You

From Zuko’s Hair Transformation to Jet’s Leaf Stem Hanging Out of His Mouth

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Ever since Avatar: The Last Airbender was released on Netflix, everyone has been reminded of their love for the show, and more importantly their love for the characters. I don’t know about you, but Avatar was the first time I knew I could be attracted to cartoons. Of course, everyone who has watched the show has their favorite, but what does this character say about you?

Disclaimer: there are spoilers about the show in this article, but let’s be honest, if you haven’t watched Avatar yet, I’m sorry for you. 


If you are like me and Zuko is your Avatar crush, then you are attracted to bad boys who treat you like the exception. In college, Zuko would be a frat boy who shows off for his friends but when you guys are together, he’s a simp. Also, you are probably attracted to TikTok e-boys with long hair, which isn’t a bad thing. 


If your Avatar crush is Aang, then you are definitely mentally stable. You always choose the good guy who will do anything for you. You like a guy who will partake in spontaneous adventures and is always showing his goofy side. Cheers to you for always going for the right guy.


If you like Sokka, you need to constantly be in a relationship, even if that means jumping from partner to partner quickly. I mean, Sokka is very loyal, but his first girlfriend turned into a moon and has to watch him and Suki every night…. 

Basically, you love to be with your significant other 24/7 and are very protective of them. 


Let’s talk about this. When I first saw Jet on the TV… I got butterflies in my stomach and dreamt about him constantly. Although I love Zuko, I would ditch everything for Jet if he came back to the show. 

Jet is the blueprint for a fuckboy. He is the typical player who sweeps you off your feet and then you find out he’s also been flirting with your best friend. We all have a thing for Jet, there is no denying it. But I think this crush says that we all fall for the bad guy sometimes. 


If your Avatar crush is Katara, then you are in love with your best friend that will always love you like a brother/sister. Although in the end, Katara fell in love with Aang, it took a long ass time, but you are willing to wait for that person. 


I’m not gonna lie, Azula is a bad bitch. She is fighting for the wrong side of course, but she’s freaking cool. If you like Azula, you are attracted to the crazy. However, you also love a girl who is independent and strong.

I think we all had a crush on all of these characters at one point. Avatar was a big part of my childhood and I love the fact that I am able to rewatch Zuko’s hair transformation any day of the week. 

So if you haven’t, please go watch this show and crush on every one of these characters, even Uncle Iroh.


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can reach her at


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