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What’s Going On With Britney Spears?

The #FreeBritney movement isn’t just a meme.

(@britneyspears / Instagram)


Fans are worried about Britney Spears. Content from her TikTok and Instagram have been started to freak people out. Thus, the #FreeBritney hashtag started trending.

This hashtag started because fans believed that Britney was attempting to send secret messages through her social media posts, crying out for help and for freedom.

Here’s the backstory:

In 2007, Britney shaved her head and it shook the entire world. Ever since that said “mental break,” Britney has been under her father’s guardianship, also known as a conservatorship. This means that Spear’s father makes all her decisions for her; Business deals, music, you name it, her father oversees it. She can’t even get married without her father’s permission. 

Talk about the white man having a say about a woman’s body. I mean, how would you feel if you suddenly got all your rights ripped away from you? You couldn’t even leave the house without asking someone first.  

Conservatorships are usually used for people who are severely mentally ill. But Britney's continued to release new music and perform intense dances, leading fans to believe she's more than capable of taking care of herself at 38 years old.

Although this hashtag is trending now, it isn’t new. This movement started ever since this conservatorship started in 2008. Fans want the old Britney back— The Britney who made you get down to Toxic and Baby One More Time in the club.

What’re the signs? 

On Britney’s Instagram, when fans ask her to wear certain clothes if she’s in trouble, she’s done exactly that. 

When a fan commented on one of her Instagram photos asking to post doves if she was in trouble, low and behold she posted this on Instagram.

Now, this all might be a coincidence, but fans are convinced it’s not. What are the odds that this has happened multiple times?

People have also speculated that Britney’s management made the star sing in a fake voice since she sounded a lot like Christina Aguilera. There’s video evidence of Britney with a much deeper voice than her famous high-pitched vocals. 

There was also an interview done by X17 Online, two months after Britney shaved her head in 2008, that spiked suspicion. In this interview, Britney repeats the phrase “believe everything you read” and said her management “totally knew what they were doing” when sending her to rehab. Britney was being sarcastic in this entire interview, though, and she wanted people to know what she was going through. 

Remember  “Leave Britney Alone”? Yeah, me too. The Britney Army are die-hard fans. They’ll do whatever it takes to help her out. This includes petitioning the White House to free Britney of the conservatorship.

The point of this movement is to bring attention to this issue and give Britney her life back. Fans believe that Britney should be able to make her own decisions. The only person that really knows what is best for Britney is herself, not her father. 

On August 22, there will be more hearings of her conservatorship, so the #FreeBritney movement will be in full force until then. Let’s hope that with these hearing coming up, the outcome will be what is best for Britney and only Britney. 


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can reach her at


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