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Tyler, The Creator Has Done It Again

GOLF WANG’s new Autumn drop is worthy of the hype

(@feliciathegoat / Instagram)


Everyone’s favorite, Tyler, The Creator has dropped his newest GOLF WANG collection for Autumn 2020 on August 14, shortly after his collaboration with Levi’s. 

Tyler created GOLF WANG in 2011 as a spoonerism of “Wolf Gang.” The brand’s known crazy-cool patterns and major color-blocking sets it apart from other brands in the business and diverges from the stereotypical “look” of a famous rapper. In turn, Tyler put a twist on the fashion industry in this way.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Tyler expressed that while he hates everything about fashion and the fashion industry, he loves creating looks. More specifically, he loves creating looks for bold consumers rather than famous people. Tyler doesn’t want GOLF WANG to be a “designer” brand that only the highest of the people can afford. 

That’s why prices from GOLF WANG usually range from $3 to $120. So really, anyone can enjoy a little something from Tyler’s creations. Even though prices are mostly affordable, everything made is made with elevated fabrics. 

This season is filled with brightly colored clothes and accessories. GOLF WANG has followed its usual look with pretty pastels, heavy color-blocking and bold graphics that would rock anyone socks off. 

Pieces include polos, crewnecks, graphic tees, socks, and even a safari vest. 

The accessories offered include belts, bags, jewelry, wallets and more.

My favorite piece from the collection is hands down the Frog Skin Button Up. I think this shirt goes so hard and something I’ve never seen before with a spotted pattern and faded vertical orange and green striped. Leave it to me to pick one of the most expensive pieces in the new collection at $120.

The entire collection was sold out in a span of two minutes, but it looks like everything from the lookbook hasn’t been dropped yet. Crossing my fingers that I am able to get something from this collection. 


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can find her on Instagram @hannah__engel.


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