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The Spiderman Sex Appeal

Let's face it, Tom Holland and Zendaya are undeniably adorable, and we are all obsessing over the fact that Peter Parker and MJ are dating in real life.



I couldn’t help but notice Tom Holland hasn’t been the first Spiderman to date his female co-star outside of the Spiderman world. Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield, the actors who played Spiderman in years past, also fall into this oddly specific pattern. While it’s completely common for co-stars who meet on set to date, all three pairs of Spidermans and their on-screen love interests having real-life relationships seems like a bit of an anomaly. So, what exactly is the Spiderman sex appeal? It could have something to do with the iconic upside-down kiss that arguably causes instant romantic attraction, or maybe it has something to do with those skintight spandex suits they all wear. Whatever it might be, we’re all hoping that Tom and Zendaya’s relationship isn’t short-lived like their predecessors.

Before Tom Holland and Zendaya, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were the media’s favorite celebrity couple. They started dating shortly after meeting on the set of “The Amazing Spiderman in 2012 and went strong until after the second Spiderman movie was released. They broke up in 2015 after the final “Spiderman” movie was released. In an interview with Andrew Garfield after the pair broke up, he talked about how one of his hobbies was making rocking chairs. In an Emma Stone interview soon after, she admitted her favorite gift she’s ever received was a handmade rocking chair. Connect those dots; I guess exes can be friends after all.


The OG spiderman, Tobey McGuire, and his female lead, Kirsten Dunst, are possibly the least successful of the “Spiderman” couplings. They also started dating after meeting on the set of “Spider-Man” (2002). They lasted for around a year before breaking up, leaving directors worried that filming the rest of the franchise would be super awkward. It probably was.

As for Tom Holland and Zendaya, we’re not totally sure exactly when they started dating. Both actors have chosen to keep their dating life pretty much private, until a photo of them kissing in a car was leaked to the press — and everyone went insane. At that point, they had to confirm their relationship to the public in July 2021. Where privacy is concerned, it’s completely understandable why Tom and Zendaya opted to keep their romance as private as possible. In this age of pop culture and obsessions, parasocial relationships have become a growing phenomenon. This is a relationship that is common between celebrities and fans, where a fan creates an emotional attachment to a celebrity who doesn’t know they exist. You can imagine how annoying that could get, as these celebrities have thousands of people tracking their every move on the internet as well as in real life. As soon as Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship was made public, it was immediately made a spectacle. Photos taken of the pair without their permission were leaked for the world to see, and their private lives were put on display with shining lights.

So, whether it be your love for Harry Styles or your second grade Justin Bieber obsession, we can and should make a collective effort to acknowledge that celebrities are real human people who might not always appreciate being an object for our entertainment. While we can still swoon over celeb relationships like Tom and Zendaya and point out that Spiderman exhibits mad game, we shouldn’t get too attached to people we don’t even know. In doing so, there’s hope that the fate of Tom and Zendaya’s relationship won’t end the same way as the previous “Spiderman” couples.


Athena Veghte is a Staff Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Some of her favorite things include thrifting, making super specific Spotify playlists, and iced chai tea lattes. She strongly dislikes people that go on their phones during movies. You can find her on instagram at @athenaveghte or contact her at


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