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The Innovation!: Paris Fashion Week's Creativity During COVID-19

Even the big names in fashion know how to switch it up sometimes.

(From left to right: @gucci, @prada and @jacquemus / Instagram)


During Paris Fashion Week, the world watched as key players in the fashion game stepped up to the plate to reimagine the runway in the era of COVID-19.

Missed out? Well, here are some of the most notable innovations from recent Gucci, Prada and Jacquemus collections.

Designers Stepped into the Shoes They Created

The Gucci Epilogue collection is the third chapter of “Trilogy of Love”, the experimental brainchild of Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.

In a statement, Michele said, “The designers with whom, every day, I share the daze of creation, will become the performers of a new story.” And the designers did just that. Every model is actually the designer who created that look.

The designers upheld a bag motif, subtly promoting their upcoming Gucci Jackie 1961 bag collection. We see you, Gucci ;)

This collection also paid homage to the late Ken Scott, an American designer who brought color to the ‘70s, spawning bold botanical prints in rich, flowery shades. 

Jacquemus Gets Some Fresh Air

While other brands succumbed to the pressure of a digital format due to COVID-19, Simon Porte Jacquemus was not having it. Jacquemus held their first physical show since the pandemic.

Guests sat socially distanced in the middle of a wheat field just outside of Paris, as models walked down a 600-meter long wooden runway. The organic backdrop perfectly complemented the romantic and earthy L’amour collection.

Models gave off an air of fragility with their exposed collarbones and delicately lengthy skirts. The clothing rustled with the natural breeze in the field, adding to the collection’s ethereal quality.

This wasn’t the first time Jacquemus used the scenery to its advantage. It did a similar show in a lavender field for its SS20 collection. Looks like Simon Porte Jacquemus can teach us a lesson or two about incorporating nature into fashion.

He could also teach us a lesson about how quickly fashion shows are adapting to balance expression and public safety.

Prada’s “Show That Never Happened”

Despite the eerie name, Prada’s runway show very much happened — just virtually. 

Miuccia Prada teamed up with five creatives to present the Multiple Views collection: five unique perspectives on Prada’s newest collection.

Separated into five chapters, every piece in the collection shared a common thread of simplicity, juxtaposing the complicated nature of the world.

The collection hosts a variety of styles, from ‘60s inspired wide skirts and a cinematic presence to a sporty theme with a whisper of elegance. 

With all chapters of the online show being drastically different in theme and cinematography, it’s impressive to watch the same collection take on wildly different attitudes.

It’s especially impressive when you notice that every piece comes out the other side with the commitment to minimalism and silhouettes remaining intact.

From adapting to the quick pace of the media to working around the looming impact of a pandemic, fashion is ever-evolving.

Whatever these big names are doing, they’re doing it right.


Christelle Pierre is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. When not writing, one can find Christelle holding a YA novel in one hand and an iced coffee in the other. She can be reached on Instagram @x.hristelle


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