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The Georgia Runoff Election: The Hypocritical Herschel Walker Still Garnered Enough Support

Another day, another Republican’s hypocrisy is shown as is the party’s willingness to still vote for them.


Herschel Walker – former national football player turned deeply conservative Georgia candidate for the United States Senate and a proud part of Trump’s orbit – is a controversial figure. He is notorious for spewing false narratives, whether it is the belief that the 2020 presidential election was stolen or his business ventures’ levels of success. His team continuously tries to shut these claims down or alter them to Walker’s benefit, claiming his problems with dissociative identity disorder place him in the victim category. Perhaps the most shocking claim surrounding Herschel Walker’s name is his abusive behavior towards his ex-wife and his paying for another woman’s abortion. His refutation of these allegations only adds to his list of lies. Nevertheless, voters still supported him. Georgia – the state that always seems to have too close to call elections – set forth a runoff to determine who will be Georgia’s senator.

Taking a step back, let’s take a glimpse into Walker’s career in politics. At first glance, the beloved Heisman Trophy recipient with “family-oriented” values seemed like a perfect fit for a crucial seat for the Republicans. His campaign website is filled with anecdotes of Walker being the embodiment of the “American dream” and how we have upheld the writings of the Constitution.

Nonetheless, about a few weeks ago, news broke out that his pro-life political agenda did not correlate to what occurred behind closed doors. The Daily Beast reported that back in 2009, Walker paid for a woman’s abortion who happens to be the mother of one of his kids. There was evidence of his monetary check that showed how he reimbursed her. At first, he called it a flat-out lie; however, he then admitted to providing a $700 check to his ex-girlfriend. He claims he was unaware of what it was used for. How is it that a politician who believes rape or incest are not legitimate reasons for an abortion believes his own situation is?

Time and time again, we witness Republican Party members going against their beliefs in private when it benefits them. Those who want to strip abortion access from all women will never strip it from women connected to them. For instance, Tennessee Republican Scott DesJarlais’ ex-wife has had two abortions and put immense pressure on his mistress to have one too.

Unfortunately, the majority of Georgia Republicans are still on Walker’s side. This demonstrates the darker side of American politics in this day and age.

Political polarization has caused voters to side with their party even if such candidates are clearly unfit to hold a governmental position. Given that neither candidate had over 50% of the votes, Georgia’s law triggered a runoff. The premise of runoff is rooted in black voter suppression because of its confusing rules. In fact, now it is even more difficult to vote in the runoff after Senate Bill 202 was enacted by the current Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, which drastically cut the time interval allotted to cast one’s vote for this “special” election. The repercussions include new voters lacking the ability to register because they will not have enough time and absentee ballots are nearly unattainable.

The Georgia runoff will take place on Dec. 6, 2022, and remains a crucial election. It is vital to make sure a man like Herschel Walker never has a say in American politics.


Lauren Gregorio is an Online Editor for Rowdy Magazine. In her free time, you can find her either blasting a rotation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Taylor Swift's discography into her ears thanks to her wired headphones, taking naps, or re-watching Modern Family.


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