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Thanksgiving Showdown

How to prepare for the politics and debates this Thanksgiving

(Everett Herald)


Everyone has that one uncle that always loves to argue about politics – and now gender – every Thanksgiving, or maybe you’re the mastermind; whether it's an uncle or every single other family member, here's your guide on how to handle Thanksgiving, or if you’re the kind of person who loves to bring it up here are some topics to talk about.

The Recent Elections

First, let's get the political elephant out of the room. The last election saw many Democrats in office, even though Republicans gathered the majority vote. This year saw an incredible turnout for young voters with 27% of voters being under the age of 30. Marco Rubio won yet again for Florida, and if you don’t know, he voted in support of legislation that banned 20-week abortions. Plus, Gainesville was yet a small square of blue in a sea of red. For more information on elections, check out Simone Liang’s “Rowdy’s Declassified Election Survival Guide.” Some topics to think about when talking politics are the upcoming presidential elections, the other senators chosen, and don’t forget our new UF president, Ben Sasse.

Ben Sasse

Speaking of Sasse, he was recently chosen as UF’s 13th president. He is known for his homophobic and anti-LGBTQ statements. His arrival at UF was met with heavy protest by many students who view his position on certain topics surrounding the LGBTQ community. Many students feel that his ideas don’t represent the student body of UF, yet here he still is. Ask your parents what they think and show them how much you want Sasse out of the Swamp. For more information on Sasse, check out Nathan Thomas and Sofia Zarran’s article “Republican Senator as Presidential Nominee: A Bite in the Sasse.”

Roe v. Wade

Everyone knows just how disheartening the news of this was and remembers how we felt at that moment. The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade comes from a long line of white men trying to project their thoughts and ideas onto people with uteruses. The main point to remember is that this law not only affects women but people with uteruses. Ask your parents how hard people had originally fought for this to be made law, only for people to plead for it to stay only 50 years later. Educate your family members with uteruses because their opinions are the only opinions that should matter.

Gender and Sexuality

When your family is being homophobic, there’s not much you can do but educate them about what is right. Some topics to discuss are the good old gay marriage, bisexuality, and trans identities. The main part of discussing these topics is to be inclusive and educate older generations on how to understand prevalent identities. Trans and queer lives need to be protected now more than ever with the recent shooting in Colorado. Please use your voice to educate your family members and bring clarity.

Now you have your talking points prepared. Don’t forget to think before you speak, be respectful, know what you’re talking about, and don’t talk down. Like Noam Chomsky’s controversial philosophy, it isn’t free speech unless all of us get to have free speech. And just before you talk, remember to stuff yourself full of food. Happy Holidays and safe debating!


Gabriella Garcia-Urbay is an online writer for Rowdy Magazine who spends her time reading, writing poetry and playing the guitar when she’s not listening to her hundreds of playlists.


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