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Sweater Vests for Florida's Make-Pretend Winter

If you see 15 different vests in my shopping cart; no you didn’t

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With a new season, comes a new wardrobe. And yes, I know we live in Florida, but like, winter is still the best season of the year. Don’t you wanna look cute going to a pumpkin patch, getting your hot coffee or going on a hayride?

Now you’re probably wondering “Hannah, what could I possibly wear that’s ~fall vibes~ when it’s 101 degrees outside?”

Well, to put it into simple terms: a sweater vest. You wear a sweater vest.

I’m as surprised as you are. I used to wear a sweater vest almost every day on my way to my Catholic middle school, a scary sight to say the least. But as fashion trends have changed, I’ve seen the uniform I used to despise, turn into something cute.

First, it was my EXACT plaid tennis skirt being sold for $50 at American Apparel and now its variations of my sweater vest.

Its lack of sleeves make sweater vests the perfect mix of warm and cold. Not to mention you will look like an absolute stunner in them.

These vests come in all shapes and sizes. From laid-back, neutral colors to color blocking vibrant colors, sweater vests are ready to conquer the world.

Your school uniform, but cooler.

Wanna feel nostalgic? Pair a plaid sweater vest with a tennis skirt and rock the schoolgirl look. Amazon has hundreds of different plaid patterns to choose from for $13!

Au natural

Wanna keep it casual? Pair a thick, nude cable-knit sweater vest with some denim shorts and I’m certain everyone in your local coffee shop will want to be you. H&M is coming in clutch with the cutest white cable-knit vest for $25.

Funky patterns

Harry Styles, that’s it. That’s the tweet. Patterns are his thing! If you want to feel like you borrowed your sweater vest from your boyfriend, Harry, I would highly recommend being bold with the patterns! Again, Amazon always gives us what we need with this strawberry vest, Harry Style will probably approve.

If all else fails, crop it.

If a normal sweater vest still isn’t doing it for you, try a cropped one! How could a vest get more Florida than this? Style it with a basic white tee under (or not) with some loose boyfriend jeans! Simonett offers this beautiful, abstract, green sweater vest that is just everything I live for.


Fall time is for fun fits and is the most, dare I say, stylish season there is. Let’s all hop on the bandwagon together and ride it out till maybe Christmas?


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can reach her at


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