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Scoot To The Runway (Whack)

Smart scooter styles for all your Gainesville needs

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I’ve been waiting for the day I set down the valleys and coastal highways of Spain. Hair streaming past, long and luscious. Fat smile stretched from cheek to cheek. A sunset looming behind green hillsides. The air is light, and I’m feeling a sensational wave of freedom. Of course, to feel the mass of this great dream I can’t be bundled in a car nor speeding through this glorious moment on a motorcycle. I want to enjoy every second. In my fantasy, I am cruising down on a moped, scootering through this great big world. 

At the moment, I am actually tucked in bed. My hair is a knotted blob and I am avoiding a massive pile of schoolwork. What is actually attainable is scooter access. These tiny combustible machines are available everywhere in the hum-drum city of Gainesville, FL. 

We aren’t cruising through great valleys but there’s no reason we couldn’t be glamorously living this scenario down University Avenue. While everyone is waltzing around in yoga pants, oversized hoodies and Birkenstocks let's take it up a notch. We can’t control our environment but we can control our wardrobe. Let’s romanticize our lives now. Let’s get spiffy. As the saying goes, when in the swamp...

Be the sunlight on a rainy day with this fit

Notorious for unpredictable forecasts, Rainsville prevails as a place of uncertainty. On days like this, it’s a day of no fuss. Let’s keep it mildly athletic with some biker shorts like Outdoor Voices warmup shorts. You’ll be comfy and with sweat-resistant compression fabric you’ll keep a drier bottom once inside. If you’re like me, rain boots may not be your first choice, so tennis shoes like Reebok Freestyle Hi Women’s Shoes will do. Think like Princess Diana, you’ve got places to be but you don’t want to squeak around when you get there. As the outfit may seem subtle, your outerwear will go hard. 

Don’t be shy, bright raincoats! Multi-color raincoats! Stop traffic or match with the traffic cones. If you prefer a shorter length, aim for a windbreaker or poncho. For the funkiest prints, thrift online on sites like Depop or at neighboring retailers. 

Finally to keep that precious hair dry and tamed, consider a boonie or bucket hat from Rains to maintain some edge. But if you’re brave and want to avoid hat hair, try a bonnet. The 1960s inspired hat will add some class, and you won’t have to hold your hood from flying back.

Don’t sweat in this heatwave mess

When the sun is scorching hot and the air is flat and humid it can be tempting to reach for those gym shorts. Instead, consider linen items. The material is light, breathable and more dressed up than spandex materials. Try a linen blazer like Madewell’s linen dorset blazer over your sports bra or even your bikini top (no one will know). If you dig a bohemian look, consider linen overalls. It will keep your thighs cool and relieved. 

If you prefer a thicker fabric, cut-off denim shorts are guaranteed to keep your bum safe from the burning leather seat you’re about hop on. It looks good with anything and can be found anywhere from neighboring thrift shops to online retailers like Depop

To keep it loose, try looking for some graphic tees at bundle shops like Goodfair for your needs (and the earths). If you want a classier approach, consider one-shoulder tops. It’s a sophisticated twist from the regular tank top and your underarms will thank you.  

Layer up!

Winter is right around the corner. Before you’re stuck shivering, daydreaming about warmer days and heated A/C, now is the time to get prepared. Remember the cardinal rule to layering: start light and build up. Basic tees and tanks are welcome, but more importantly, your sweater game needs to be perfected. Thrift for the funkiest finds or hit up Urban Outfitters for year-round sweater sales. To keep you warm, think big coats. A classic wool-blend belted dad coat will definitely give you a spy-esque identity, or keep it short and aim for corduroy. If you’re slick, go for an entire corduroy suit from Free People. It’s the fabric of resilience and the piercing wind will not stand a chance. 

Unlike the summer where minimalistic effort is golden, it’s time to spark up those accessories. Thick wool beanies are now part of your daily getup. For something different, aim for a leather-trim beret. To protect your face try The North Face dipsea face coverings or a lilac scarf from ASOS. Lastly, gloves. Keep your poor fingers from turning blue with these suede faux fur-lined gloves.

The morning after

We’ve all been there. And since we never learn anything, we will all be there again. Don’t let the hangover ruin your outfit. I get it, your head is blistering, the light is cruel and food is absolutely off the table, but you have things to do so get up! What you put on your back can lift your spirits. Don't stress, go with the oversized look (it doesn’t even require pants). An oversized button-down shirt or UO Motel Fresia Button-Down Mini dress will do the trick. To keep the bright beams off, try retro aviator sunglasses; You'll look like a bad-ass cruising through town. Aim for simple sneakers or go for the neglected corner of your closet — whip out those cowboy boots, spikey punk platforms, you’ll be a showstopper on the road. 

Farmers market every day

Oh boy, the farmers market! The array of fresh produce, honey stands, french bread and the arepas were what made Gainesville feel like home. The good ole days don’t have to feel like a fleeting memory. Dress the part, grab some friends and scoot on over to the Depot park for a socially- distant picnic. Wear a colorful maxi dress and let the tail flow down University Avenue. Repurpose a headscarf as a top, a cardigan wrapped over your shoulders. Why wear clothes in only one fashion? To tidy the whole look, get playful. Ditch a solid color pant, go with a print like Madewell’s slim emmett wide-leg pants in gingham. You might inspire passersby to do the same.

Now is not the time to neglect your trusty sidekick. Dig in your closet and harness your identity for the day. Break the cycle of staying in and underdressed. Until we make it to the Alps, now is the time to go for an aimless ride into the sunset. 

Ready. Set. Scoot!


Sam is a staff writer at Rowdy Magazine. She enjoys long summer days, funk music and drinks her coffee black because she's a tough guy. You can follow her on Instagram @samanthax1999x or email her at


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