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Scandi Style Reigns Supreme at CFW Fall/Winter 2021

The runway rundown on the best from this year’s shows.

( @stinegoyastudio and @bymalenebirger / Instagram )


From Paris to New York, the term “Fashion Week” seems to naturally slide off our tongues as we anticipate the staple event of the season. Unless you’re a fashion die-hard, you may have missed some trend-setter countries who are admittedly way ahead of the times. Why America is always in the spotlight, we may never know. So if you’ve been sleeping on Copenhagen Fashion Week, it’s time to wake up and dive into the world of Scandinavian style. This time around, Rowdy’s got you covered in full swing.

As mesmerizing as runway looks can be, we can probably all agree on the one question that stays pinned in the back of our minds during most fashion shows: “Who would actually wear this?” We get it, designer collections can be a bit chaotic at times, making it hard to imagine their pieces ever reaching our wish lists and closets. With that said, allow me to broaden your fashion senses and present to you the must see looks of 2021 Copenhagen Fashion Week, a much more relatable take on attainable, yet chic, style.

Round of Applause For Sustainability

Before we jump into the looks, can we take a brief moment to recognize that beyond the very practical and wicked streetwear trends before us, we owe much gratitude to CFW for their sustainable efforts? Cecilie Thorsmark, CFW’s CEO, emphasized their sustainability action plan. Launched just a year ago, CFW is already making major strides to create a better tomorrow, combining both ethical and chic practices. They plan to have all contributors of CFW comply with certain requirements, such as including the use of at least 50% organic or recycled materials and a stage designed with zero waste, by the year 2023. These new standards show a promising future era in the world of apparel. Keep it up Gen-Z, your hyper awareness of the detrimental effects of fast fashion are slowly paying off. Sustainable fashion isn’t just a fad, it’s a lifestyle the planet will be thanking us for in the long-run.

Stine Goya

They’ve done it yet again. Yes, we are talking about Stine Goya and their effortless way of proving that getting dressed is so much more than a daily task; It’s an absolute work of art. Goya’s ‘Grunge Euphoria’ fall/winter collection held no shortage of brilliant neon and pastel crossovers, busy floral patterns, silk, sparkle, checkered and cheetah patterns. These looks paid tribute to the neo-noir style of the roaring ‘20s and New Romantic Movement of the ‘80s

Think sophistication meets eccentricity; In other words, David Bowie. Metallic hints were featured here and there, with shimmering boots and a questionable accessory to us all, sleeved gloves. Could this be a new craze? Only time will tell.


The whimsy and wanderlust feel brought to you by the beloved Rixo is back yet again, and has this time found itself in the right time period. Lounging at home has become a daily routine for most in these pandemic days. This collection inspired what dressing should truly be about, dressing for the mind and soul no matter the plans or lack thereof.

Rixo proves that our dreamy, ‘run through a flower field’ look should be sported via at-home zoom calls, evening strolls or even a chill day at home. The collection featured flirty, feminine touches throughout mixed fabrics of lace and silk florals. The mix of beautiful dressing and flattering shapes bring the confidence we all need right to our very own living rooms.

By Malene Birger

While we let color back into our lives, I personally can’t part ways with neutrals, at least not any time soon. Malene Birger showed that this minimalist style and neutral-toned palette are here to stay. Dramatized, elongated and oversized silhouettes were featured, giving a sense of edge in harmonious collaboration with textured patterns of fuzzy knits. To match the looks, accessories were kept clean and simple. Now here’s to a wearable collection!

Lovechild 1979

From the perfectly encapsulated everyday workwear presented by this line, to its resonating metaphoric message, this collection deserves every bit of acknowledgement. Showcasing an array of business casual trends, from full pant suits, under vests, ties, button ups, and trenches, this line translates well to the average person. Relatability is a key factor that made this line memorable and intriguing at its core. The runway was staged as a terminal hallway of an airport, as the models played the role of strangers with no sense of direction as to where they were headed. Lovechild 1979 emphasized the natural beauty of everyday living and a sense of unity in knowing that together, the globe will learn to adapt to this unknown new normal.

Echoing its statements in the form of clothing and relating this beauty to the real world made Copenhagen a delightful viewing event with an honorable recognition of morality standing at the forefront of all presented collections.


Brooke Login is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Aside from her absorption of way too much fashion and styling content, she enjoys delighting herself in the sport of scouting the best local shops and restaurants in town, expanding her intro level sewing skills, decorating any boring space, and forever remaining stuck in her 90s rock music phase. You can reach her on Instagram @brookelogin.


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