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On And Off The Court, Naomi Osaka Is Killing It

Aside from sports, Naomi made a huge presence in the fashion world.

(@adeam / Instagram)


The story of a fierce, creative woman of color not only successfully tackling any obstacle but surpassing all expectations in this world is a tale I am never tired of hearing.

Naomi Osaka is a force in the tennis world. She is a three-time Grand Slam singles champion, reigning champion of U.S Opens and has been ranked no.1 by the Women’s Tennis Association. She is also the highest-paid female athlete of all time. 

Might I add she is only 22 years old, no biggie.

Other than her professional career, Naomi has also become a beacon in the Black Lives Matter movement. Adamentally sharing her voice and experience as a half-Japanese, half-Haitian woman. She has received a tornado of backlash and praise but has built herself a new platform to stand up on and kept moving forward.

Naomi is the superhero we need. But what many do not know, she is also a style icon in the making. In fact, Vogue declared her a “fashion nerd.”

Before the tennis championships, before the massive rise to fame Naomi’s first love was fashion. At a young age, Naomi and her sister sought inspiration from high-fashion. Between tennis practice, school and the normal daily ventures of a kid, Naomi was sketching designs of her own.  

This year, Naomi accomplished another significant achievement her childhood self would be especially proud of. At NYFW she unveiled her collaboration with designer Hanako Maeda of Japanese-American fashion label ADEAM.

“I love the lace dress and lace top that Naomi designed, it was actually a sketch that she sent us and that became the starting point,” Hanako said in a behind-the-scenes look

The collection is deeply driven by the pairs’ Japanese heritage as well as emulates femininity through light ruffles and sharp architectural lines. The fabric selected is also a Japanese crepe material that is a silkier, dressier form of cotton, giving way to a softer, eloquent ensemble. 

The collection was finally launched to the public on Sept. 15th on ADEAM e-commerce website. If you can’t afford to take the plunge like me, let's marvel at the “kawaii” looks together and admire the style brilliance of Hanako Maeda and the powerhouse Naomi have created. 


You can’t have a collaboration with Naomi unless tennis fashion is involved. Several pieces give off the athletic appeal. The double-stripe collars add the preppy undertone associated with the sport. Lightly pleated knee-length shorts also make me want to strut through town with a racket in hand. The headbands decked in pearly whites or a simple ADEAM trademark offer another cool approach to accessorizing eloquent gowns. 

(Images courtesy from ADEAM)


A little lace later…

Lace is where the story began. The wavy patterns Naomi designed add texture to the asymmetrical cuts as well as lead our eyes down and around the clothing. When layered under a thick off-the-shoulder sweater, it offers a more mystical twist to layering.

(Images courtesy from ADEAM)


The art of origami

When considering their cultural background. Hanako thought best to trace it back to the most fundamental art forms: origami. The geometric influence gave way to more clean-cut creases as seen in the pockets and sleeves as well as offering a broader architectural silhouette. By pairing the cuts with stripes it keeps the tone more playful, best representing Naomi’s personality. 

(Images courtesy from ADEAM)


Naomi’s lengthy resume is overwhelmingly impressive and quite intimidating. But her genuine humbleness and deep roots in her Japanese heritage were emulated through this collection with ADEAM. She’s shared another piece of herself that we simply can’t ignore.


Sam is a staff writer at Rowdy Magazine. She enjoys long summer days, funk music and drinks her coffee black because she's a tough guy. You can follow her on Instagram @samanthax1999x or email her at


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