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Non-Binary People Are Challenging the Political Space

The 2022 primaries are an important race. There is a lot to lose. With every election, new records are set. In 2018, a record number of women ran for office. This election cycle there is a record-breaking number of non-binary people running for office.

This immense amount of representation is quite revolutionary.

Outside of The Binary

Non-binary is used to describe people who feel their gender cannot be defined within the margins of the gender binary.

The political climate has created an unsafe space for those who do not identify as cis-gender or heterosexual.

In the same way, women running for office was a response to the misogyny perpetuated by the 2016 election. Trump was elected in 2016 despite saying highly sexist comments such as “Grab 'em by the pussy.”

In a similar nature, the non-binary people running for office feel motivated as a response to the cis-focused narrative surrounding political issues and anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

There has been an undeniable string of anti-LGBTQ policies passed increasingly.

During the 2022 Florida legislative session, the Don’t Say Gay Bill perpetuates a heterosexual and cisgender-oriented perspective. In the 2021 Florida legislative session, an amendment caused a ban on trans kids in sports. What’s to come in Florida's 2023 legislative session especially if Ron DeSantis remains in power?

We need a new governor in power. Power should be used to uplift people rather than intentionally exploit them.

Much of the anti-LGBTQ legislation throughout the United States has been brought about at the state level. 13 states have signed anti-LGBTQ bills into law throughout the United States.

Roe v. Wade

With the overturning of Roe V. Wade, LGBTQ could be next as they are both supported by the right to privacy.

LGBTQ rights are on the ballot this November. Remember that on November 8th at the polls.

By non-binary people running for office, they are resisting the cis-centered political spaces. These political spaces include local, state, and federal offices.

In Gainesville, a candidate for Mayor, July Thomas identifies as non-binary. They are the only non-binary candidates for Mayor. Even though they do not win, their run for office challenges the state of politics.

Public Policy

Public policy tends to be focused on cisgender, heterosexual, and white men. Public policy needs to be more intentional in including marginalized communities. Having more people outside of the binary in the office is a significant first step to disrupting the current state of the political landscape.

I hope to significantly increase diverse representation within political spaces following the midterm elections.

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Dale White
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