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Breaking quarantine for a faceless top? seriously?

( Selin Kilinc / Rowdy Magazine Graphic Designer )


Quarantine was rough for everyone. Gays and straights alike were forced to recede into their one-bedroom apartments for months on end with zero physical contact, (which is a fancy way of saying no sex). Although the majority of us were able to resist the temptations of stepping outside, some were not so strong.

During the pandemic, the usage of dating apps remained at an all time high. From the queer dating app Grindr to Bumble, people were essentially flocking to these apps for any semblance of human contact. Get into this gig: during the most frantic part of the pandemic last March, Tinder remained queen bee as the highest-grossing app in the world.

So, what does this tell us (aside from the fact that everyone is horny asf)?

The record usage of dating apps during the pandemic reveals a truth regarding who we are as a generation. We are innately social beings who rely on interaction to survive. No, you're not just another quirky attention-whore. It's a basic human instinct to crave attention. Lucky for us dolls, we live in a world that revolves around the usage of social media for communication, and most importantly, connection.

While I am not gonna sit here and justify every power bottom that runs over to the boy next door with poppers in hand, I do believe that there is a lot to consider before jumping to any crazy conclusions.

The data collected from these apps only accounts for data usage. Basically, what this means, is that it only accounts for the sexts and ass pics you sent to the anon hung top living two doors down from you.

What it doesn’t account for is the number of individuals who actually snuck out and broke quarantine to have sex. The rise in data usage is most definitely a reflection of the lack of social contact last March.

In order to emphasize the importance of staying home, these apps made an active effort to reduce the number of ‘in-person’ meetups. Specifically, on Grindr, banners throughout the app warned users about the negative impacts of breaking quarantine. These banners also promote healthy practices in order to decrease the spread, such as reminders to wear a mask and wash hands frequently.

Though it isn’t apparent how much these “stay at home” campaigns impacted the spread of that stupid b*tch named rona, it is refreshing to know that they tried.

In sum, even though we are in a pandemic and we are all extremely horny, I beg of you, please, please, please, stay home! I can tell you right now there isn’t a single cock on this planet that is worth killing your grandma over.


Kyle Hamilton is an Online Writer for the 'After Dark' portion of Rowdy Magazine. In his free time he enjoys photography, being super gay, and drinking enough cold brew to kill a small child. You can find him at @hamkyl on insta ;)


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