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Lorde Is Coming To Save The Universe

The 23-year-old New Zealand pop star shared via email to her fans that she's working on her third studio album.

(Opus Twelve Photograph/Creative Commons License)


After dropping (arguably) the album of the century, Lorde seemingly fell off the face of the earth.

After the Grammy winner's second album, Melodrama, released June 2017 and she finished her tour, the New Zealand pop star deleted most of her social media posts and went into hibernation.

That all changed Tuesday night when the 23-year-old singer emailed her fans a lengthy letter, telling them new music is on the way.

“I started going back to the studio again in December, just for something to do, and to my surprise, good things came out,” she said. “Happy, playful things. I felt my melodic muscles flexing and strengthening.”

Lorde, born Ella Yelich-O'Connor, shared she began working on her third album in Dec. 2019 alongside long time collaborator, Jack Antonoff. Her and Antonoff previously shared an apartment together in New York for months while working on Melodrama.

The two had begun working on the album when the singer's childhood dog, Pearl, passed away, halting her creative process. She only recently began getting back into the studio, living between Auckland, NZ and Los Angeles when "the world shut down.”

Rest assured, COVID-19 isn't stopping her from making swanky tunes.

In the email, Lorde wrote that she FaceTimed with Antonoff for over an hour, fleshing out the albums' details. Despite taking a little while longer to get new music out, she thinks "“The work is so f—ing good, my friend."

When the email hit stans' inboxes, they were having a moment. TBH, I was too.

After the massive success of Melodrama, its nice to hear that our favorite part-time pop star, part-time witch is getting back to making some sweet, sweet music.

As of yet, the album has no release date, but Lorde can't wait to bless our ears, writing that she's "truly jazzed for [us] to hear it.”

Are we in the right headspace for her to destroy us again? I hope so. I for one, can't wait to have mental breakdowns to this album at 3 A.M.

Check out the email in full below.


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