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Join The Circus — High Fashion Writer Applications Are Open

Rowdy Magazine is searching for a High Fashion writer to work with Rowdy's online team to curate fashion content for the site.

Great news! Rowdy's online team is looking for a special fashion-obsessed writer to join the family.

We're seeking an experienced writer who's passionate about the fashion industry. The ideal candidate should be excited about new collections, have an awareness of fashion-industry news and an opinion on what's in and what's out. If accepted, the writer would write at least one article each week.

You must be able to:

  • Identify fashion trends in advance and be able to report on them.

  • Report on at least one high luxury fashion trend each week

  • Watch and report on fashion shows, highlighting the looks/trends readers will want to vomit or drool over.

  • Be aware of changing dynamics in the fashion industry (in terms of representation, sustainability, etc) and report on them.

What we're looking for in our team:

  • An ability to come up with creative story ideas.

  • A sense of humor that is translatable to their writing.

  • Have excellent grammar and a familiarity with AP style.

  • Have passion and excitement for what you're writing!!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Applications have a rolling deadling


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