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Jane the College Student

When stress & excitement go hand in hand



Sometimes stress and excitement go hand in hand. In fact, they are so similar that my body cannot tell the difference!

Starting the first semester of a new school year can be tough, especially when environmental change is a factor. The human body and mind is sensitive and interconnected. Neglecting one will undoubtedly affect the other and create a cycle that is hard to break out of, which is why it is important to listen to your body and take it easy.

Prior to moving in for my first year of college, I only felt excitement rather than the stress I was accustomed to. However, a couple weeks after moving in I realized it had been quite some time since my last menstrual cycle. Like a concerning amount of time. Logistically, let's be real, there was no way I was with child but the excitement of a new start slowly started to morph into stress.

Why wasn’t my body doing what it was supposed to? I truly felt like I wasn’t even stressed so it really was not adding up. I had realized that stress became such a secondary feeling, that I did not even realize that I felt it anymore. Fretting over everything became so natural for me, to the point where I didn’t even realize that it was impacting my health.

Stress is ingrained into our daily lives to the point where we don’t notice it anymore.

It’s almost as if you’re living wrong if you’re not stressed. During these first few turbulent weeks, it is essential to set time apart to relax and unwind, otherwise falling into the cycle of sacrificing self care will be inevitable. Listen to your body and take adequate breaks or else the effects of stress will ingrain itself into your health.


Aishani is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine.


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