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I Bought The Euphoria Glitter Makeup So You Don’t Have To.

A glittered mess but a euphoric experience.

(Hannah Engel / Rowdy Magazine Online Writer)


When Euphoria debuted on HBO in 2019, it drastically impacted the way people perceive makeup. The show’s bright colors, glitter and funky eyeliner made everyone wanna experiment with their makeup. And I mean, how could you not after seeing Rue’s glitter tears and Maddie’s colorful winged eyeliner? 

As a huge fan of the show, I am always trying to be a character IRL — usually Maddy. In light of this, I stumbled across the glitter used by the brilliant makeup artist on the show, Donielle Davy. She uses Lemonhead LAs glitter products for most of the glitter seen on the show. So, it makes sense that it made a ‘Euphoria Pack.’ 

Lucky me, I managed to grab ahold of three of the glitters used on the show: lavender Houdini Spacepaste, used on Rue (Zendeya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer); muted-pink Mulholland Spacepaste used on Maddy (Alexa Demie); and turquoise Private School Spacepaste which was used on Cassie (Sydney Sweeney).

I am in no way a makeup guru or god, but I love to have fun with it. Makeup is an amazing way to express oneself. But glitter is… intimidating.  

My First Impressions:

Before I could even touch any of the glitters, I had to blast the Euphoria soundtrack to get inspired. 

The glitter packaging was beautiful and is definitely high quality (I mean for the amount of money I spent on them, they better be.) They even smell like lemons, which is a super fun touch to the personality of the product. 

Once I actually got into the glitter, I was super scared. I didn't want to mess up and accidentally look like a complete clown. But to my surprise, the glitter was very easy to apply. It had a paste-like texture, making it buildable and shapeable. 

Look #1

(Hannah Engel / Rowdy Magazine Online Writer)


I decided to start off with Private School, a beautiful torquiose. I was really inspired by Cassie’s Halloween look and attempted to recreate it. 

To kick off the look I started by taping my eyes to create a wing with my shadow and glitter. This also helps a lot with the fallout. I applied a teal eyeshadow and then went in with the glitter. 

I was having a good time with this look and I completely fell in love with the outcome. I even used my last pair of lashes to really complete the look. I found it easier to put my face makeup on after to avoid having to do touch-ups later. 

Look #2

(Hannah Engel / Rowdy Magazine Online Writer)


For my second look, I used Mulholland, a muted rose gold seen on Maddy during the Halloween episode. I didn’t dare to recreate this look because I knew I’d completely butcher it. So, I decided to put my own twist and create a liner with the glitter. It took multiple trials and errors until I finally got something I didn’t look stupid in.

Look #3 

My third look was my absolute favorite. I used Houdini, seen on Rue and Jules multiple times. Houdini embodies Euphoria as a whole. The way this lavender color catches the light is just beautiful. Plus it was the easiest to apply. I started off with a reddish eyeshadow and applied it all over my lid. Then, using my finger, I applied the glitter. You can be as messy as you want with this glitter and it will still look stunning. You can use it as an eyeshadow, like me, or as a highlight or body glitter.

Using these glitters was such a euphoric experience (haha, get it). I had fun playing around different looks and creating looks that I loved. 

Then the real problem came into play: taking the glitter off. This process was hell on earth. I had glitter all over my face, on my clothes, and even in my hair. It wasn’t until I had dozens of makeup wipes spilling into the trash that I realized I might need help from the Internet. Turns out, using a clean spoolie brush works wonders for removing the glitter.  

Despite all the hiccups, I will definitely be bringing these looks out on the town once quarantine is over. My advice, don’t be afraid to wear crazy, bold makeup looks. If you are feeling yourself, flaunt it and be confident! Once the fall semester starts, I better see everyone rocking this glitter.


Hannah Engel is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include playing Animal Crossing, online shopping, and taking care of her plants. She’s passionate about fashion and travel. You can reach her at


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