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How To Style Your Vaccine Fit

Four tops to kick off your vaxxed girl summer.

( @poppyalmond / Instagram )


Congratulations! You qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine. Although it’s not date night, it can be a better experience with the right outfit.

Not everyone can rock the vaccine fit better than Dolly Parton, but there’s definitely some outfits that can make you the highlight of the doctor’s day. During the pandemic, opportunities to slide on some heels and get dolled up were almost unheard of. So many are using the vaccine as a chance to make up for lost time. Yeah, I’m talking pearls and sparkly dresses to create a fabulous gala galore.

But the urge to stay coze remains strong for a lot of us, and vaccination sites recommend that people wear shirts that provide easy access to one of your shoulders. Here’s a breakdown of some staple tops that you can dress up or dress down for your vaccine fit.

1. Halter Top

If you’re still stuck in confusingly cold spring weather, I’m sorry. You may want to skip one. But halter tops are being revived from the 2000s and are even predicted to be one of the summer’s top trends.

For a nice combo of comfy but classy, consider wearing a halter-neck top with sweatpants. If you have someplace to go after, wear your favorite pair of jeans.

If you don’t want to wear a halter neck, a cami or any type of tank top is also a wonderful option.

2. Cold-Shoulder top

If it’s colder where you are, then I urge you to use Dolly Parton as your inspiration. (She did help fund the Moderna vaccine, after all.) Her subtle fashion statement basically broke the internet when she got her first dose. On Sunday, she repeated the statement when she wore a tan cold-shoulder shirt to receive her second dose.

The key holes in her long sleeves allowed the vaccine administrator easy access to her shoulder so she could get vaxxed up. She didn’t have to worry about awkwardly rolling up her sleeves. All she had to do was sit there and bask in the vaccine’s glory.

3. Off the shoulder blouse

Off the shoulder blouses are such an easy way to give the “I’m hot without trying” vibes. It’s disheveled, but that sliver of shoulder skin somehow makes the look a bit more interesting. Plus, they absolutely sing spring vibes while providing easy access to the vaccinator.

4. One-shoulder top

If you want to stay more covered up, another great option is a one shoulder top. They’re like the more mature, put together version of the off the shoulder. Rather than the off the shoulder hanging freely, you guessed it, off your shoulder, the one-shoulder top keeps everything together, while ensuring that at least one of your arms is ready to endure a shot.

Vaccine-friendly looks may be hard to come by, but it’s clearly ideal to have an exposed shoulder top that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Regardless of whatever you do decide to wear, remember you’ll still exude hot girl energy because … people who get the vaccine are sexy.

And while people’s experiences getting the vaccine can vary, make sure to stay hydrated and stretch your body beforehand. Nobody wants to get a shot, but it’s important to get vaccinated in order to enter a world of normalcy.


Lauren Pires is an online fashion writer for Rowdy Magazine.


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