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How to Dress for Florida’s Fake Fall

No need to pull out the Uggs just yet!

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Fall fanatics, your time has come! Take a deep breath of that pumpkin spice spiked air and prepare for a trip to Yankee Candle, my darlings! 

Although us Floridians LOVE spooky season, treating yourself to fall fashion can be a real trick when the weather is never goes below 80 degrees. Those damn Northerners get to bundle up in their precious Uggs and hand-knitted scarves while we suffer in our season-less state.

But fear not! It’s still possible for us to dress up for fall festivities without risking an actual heat stroke. 

Here are a few tips to crush fall fashion this year.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Our leaves may stay green in Florida but that doesn’t mean you still have to ride the summer wave, too!

The rest of the color spectrum doesn’t hold a seasonal candle to nutty and rusted browns when fall rolls around. Feel free to pair browns and white for a classy, minimalist palette. For true spooky enthusiasts, deep reds are the way to go. You’re sure to make anyone’s heart bleed when you walk past in a sensual, wine color.

Purple is usually given the cold shoulder when talking about fall colors, so it’s time we bring her out! Couple purple with black for the perfect Halloween hottie vibe. Don’t let berry colors go to waste this year!

Layer Lightly

Layering? In Florida? Sounds like blasphemy. But if you’re smart about it, you can look drop dead gorgeous without the actual dead part. 

Layering doesn’t always require long sleeves! You can pop a short sleeved shirt underneath a cami and achieve the same effect. And try not to forget that that layering includes accessories as well. If you can, throw a belt over your waist and a bag over your shoulder to layer without any extra clothing.

If the temperature drops below 75 degrees and you feel like channeling your inner dramatic Floridian, pull out that jacket you’ve been dying to wear all year. A single jacket may seem too heavy to wear during Florida’s fake fall unless you do it right.

Keep your first layer lighter than your second.

Make sure your shirt is made of a lighter, breathable material so you don’t suffocate after adding a jacket. If a jacket is still too warm, opt for a long-sleeved button-down shirt or a cropped cardigan instead.

We all know that Florida takes the unpredictable weather cake, so try not to make your second layer the star of the show. That way, if you feel the need to remove it, your outfit will stay solid.

This fall, we’re playing no games. Show off your spooky side and let weather worries become a ghost of the past. 


Christelle Pierre is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. When not writing, one can find Christelle holding a YA novel in one hand and an iced coffee in the other. She can be reached on Instagram @x.hristelle


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