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How TF Did This 24-Year-Old Clear Everyone's Skin?

The rise of Skincare by Hyram and the skincare secrets he made thousands swear by.

(@skincarebyhyram / Instagram)


Skincare by Hyram has taken over TikTok. With over six million followers and over 200 million likes, he’s most likely popped up on everyone’s For You page regardless if you’re on straight TikTok or witch TikTok. 

Either way, Hyram Yarbro has made an incredible impact on the skincare industry. 

The purple-haired 24-year-old skincare and beauty influencer is known for posting videos where he reviews and talks about all things beauty. He’s received so much attention that celebrities have actually requested for him to review their skin routines. But how did he get so popular in the first place? 

The Rise of Hyram

The beginning of the pandemic was when Hyram really gained traction through TikTok. His videos became viral, and soon he was an overnight sensation. 

Hyram’s highly praised CeraVe moisturizers and cleansers have sold-out across local Targets and Walmarts. His cult-favorite The Ordinary serums are out of stock in Ultas. 

Meanwhile, Hyram’s bashing on products such as St.Ives Apricot Scrub and Drunk Elephant, have marked previously adored cleansers as canceled. 

Basically, Hyram has revolutionized skincare. 

Skincare Community? More like communi-TEA!

Hyram’s influence has been felt far and wide in the beauty and skincare community, so much that some content creators feel overshadowed. Young Yuh, also known as @yayayayoung on TikTok, called out Hyram’s worshippers and said that the beauty and skincare group is a community, not one entity. 

Also, Hyram does have some sponsored brand deals with companies such as CeraVe and Curology. Does having these brand deals present a conflict of interest for viewers?

In a YouTube video, Hyram said his interest in skincare started during college. He doesn’t have a degree in dermatology — yet many people still turn to him as an “expert” in skincare. 

At the end of the day, it’s best to consult your doctor or dermatologist before you pick up a new product or try a new facial treatment.

So what is the hype all about? Let’s take a look at some of Skincare by Hyram’s top tips, and maybe you can incorporate them into your skincare routine. 

You don't have to break the bank for good skincare products 

Hyram preaches a simple skincare routine. He recommends a lot of affordable skincare items, including CeraVe and The Ordinary, ranging in price from $5 to $15.  

He condensed complicated 20-step skincare routines into t an easy process. According to Hyram, all you really need is an effective cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer and serum.

You can use shampoo? For your face?

As crazy as it sounds, you might want to ditch your traditional foaming cleanser and pick up a shampoo bottle for your acne. If you specifically suffer from fungal acne, which are small little bumps underneath your skin, try picking up Nizoral Anti-Dandruff shampoo.

Preventing Maskne

Mask acne, or Maskne for short, has plagued many teens and adults in the age of COVID-19. Hyram recommends skipping the makeup and making sure your face is moisturized so it retains a soft feel. Also, make sure to wash your mask or replace your single-use masks often, so bacteria doesn’t build up. 

From fungal to maskne, or from teenage to adult skincare, Skincare by Hyram’s informative and entertaining videos have caused a social media skincare revolution. The skincare and beauty community has forever been changed by Hyram’s entrance. But like any influencer or celebrity, always do your own research and consult experts for your skin concerns.


Michelle Holder is an Online and Print Writer at Rowdy Magazine. She is passionate about international affairs and travel. You can typically find her buried in a book or drinking expressos at local coffee shops. Contact her at or find her on Twitter @michellecholder.


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