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How OnlyFans Is Redefining The Entertainment Industry

When WFH becomes NSFW

( Screenshot from OnlyFans / Twitter )


Another pandemic-related post *yawn*, but this time with a sexy twist! In a COVID-riddled world, where the return of live shows and events still seems just out of reach, celebrities have been flocking to OnlyFans to supplement their income.

You may recall OnlyFans from that one time when Bella Thorne went viral for making a casual $1 million on the platform in just one day. It’s a content-sharing platform that lets creators offer (typically NSFW) videos, pictures, and even one-on-one chats with their fans in exchange for payment. Because of its lax policies and allowance of risqué content, it has become a haven for celebrities like Cardi B, Tyga, Swae Lee, Tyler Posey, Tana Mongeau, and Safaree Samuels to post things with a little more spice than you’d find on Instagram or Twitter, if you catch my drift.

While many celebrities are using OnlyFans to share X-rated content, others are using it simply as a way to monetize direct contact with their fanbase. In fact, Shea Couleé, winner of season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, has been posting clean content like photo shoots, behind-the-scenes footage and live makeup tutorials since joining the platform in July 2020.

Comedy, an industry that has taken an incredibly big hit from the lack of in-person events, is also benefitting from OnlyFans. Comedians such asAtlanta-based Samm Severin have begun posting X-rated content to the platform to make money during the financial drought of the pandemic.

In addition to certain comedians shelving farcefor sexier content, others are posting actual stand-up routines for their subscribers (shoutout to Eric Andre...bird up, amiright?!). Many of them miss being able to perform their stand-up live and in front of an actual audience, so OnlyFans has become their new stage. Nothing can quite replace hearing the laughter in real time I’m sure, but hey who cares as long as you’re making money, right?

Personally, the concept of celebrities publicly speaking about and using OnlyFans feels like a step in the right direction towards destigmatizing and affirming sex work, a typically taboo occupation. The only problem is that those on the platform could be taking money-making opportunities away from established OnlyFans creators. As celebrities become more popular on the platform, sex workers’ profiles could be shadowed, and therefore less profitable.

As OnlyFans begins transitioning from largely NSFW content creation to a home for influencers in fitness, self care, music, beauty, and so much more, it’ll be interesting to see what this means for X-rated OnlyFans creators across the globe, celebrity or not. All that’s left to wonder is whether or not these celebrities will continue their OnlyFans activity once live and in-person shows return to our cultural landscape.


Madison Rosenfield is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. When she's not going down internet rabbit holes at 2 AM, she can usually be found curating the perfect Spotify playlist, celebrating her Jewish heritage, crafting, watching coming-of-age films, or taking action in support of causes she cares about. You can find her at @madisonrosenfield on Instagram or @madisonleahh on Twitter to get a deeper look at her passions and perspectives.


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