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“Harry’s House”: The Long-Awaited Album is Here

Home isn’t where the heart is – home is where Harry is.

CREDIT: Instagram/@harryflorals


After an unprecedented amount of leaks, Coachella sneak peeks and too many future live performance announcements to keep up with, “Harry’s House” is finally (OFFICIALLY!) out!

This album joins Harry’s critically acclaimed and wildly successful discography, and it doesn’t just fit in – it breaks the mold. It’s the eccentric, cooler sister who lives life to the fullest and isn’t afraid to feel boldly and deeply.

At midnight, my finger wavered over my laptop’s trackpad before I tentatively clicked play. From the first second of “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”, I knew I was done for. “Golden” is a stellar album opener, and I wondered how he could top it…but he did. This song sets the tone for the rest of the tracks, which together form a kaleidoscope of personal experiences, genuine emotion and masterful artistry.

Songs like “Late Night Talking”, “Grapejuice” and “Daydreaming” boast a level of production that surpasses anything he has done in previous works. Vocally, this is Styles’ strongest album. His rock-inspired screams, background vocals and soft melodious singing are all tinged with a new confidence, almost bordering on showing off just because he can – and he should.

Each new song is full of surprises that unravel and put themselves on display for you. Vocal layering, instruments and relatable lyrics keep each track fresh and inviting, compelling you to listen and uncover more. He grasps onto his signature vulnerability, singing about sex in songs like “Cinema” and “Keep Driving”, admitting wrongdoings in “Little Freak” and confessing to reading a lover’s horoscope (he’s so real for that) in “Daylight”. And, of course, he had to pull on the heartstrings a little. The album’s tear-jerker, “Matilda”, is a love letter to anyone who has strained family relationships and will no doubt be a comfort to fans who feel a connection to Harry.

Harry has no desire to conform to the trends of pop music. His new tracks don’t sound like anything that is popular right now, yet he constantly reaches new milestones in chart-topping and monthly listening.

Few artists bother cultivating a discography that is this authentic and full of exciting variety. With this album, Styles is aiming for a level of innovation, honesty and timelessness that only he can achieve.

The slogan for “Harry’s House” is “You Are Home,” but I can’t help but wonder if Harry is talking to us or to himself – it seems that this album is the most “at home” he’s ever been.


Daniella Conde is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. When she's not lost in productivity while sipping on an overpriced caffeinated beverage at a coffee shop, you can find her binge-reading romance novels, obsessing over Taylor Swift Easter eggs or finding any possible way to flee Gainesville for the weekend.


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