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Harry’s House Era Has Begun

In this world, it's just us (and Harry Styles)

CREDIT: YouTube/Harry Styles


After almost three years of no new music from everyone’s favorite rockstar, Harry Styles has hit the ground running for his new “Harry’s House” era with the release of “As It Was.” A happy, catchy melody is accompanied by melancholic lyrics for a balance of emotions that only Styles can achieve.

His signature vulnerability shines through in this track; he is perceived as a private individual, but his lyricism portrays him as someone who is open, willing to share what he goes through. All of his songs, this one included, speak for themselves.

Many will speculate what and who the song is about, but it’s really about Harry – a man who knows exactly who he is and is entering a new phase of his career with confidence, honesty and masterful artistry.

Harry is not afraid of reaching for new heights; he revolutionizes his sound, experiments with expert-level choreography and dons beautiful, fashion-forward costumes in the accompanying music video.

“As It Was” is only the beginning. The You Are Home website, evidently planned and executed by Harry’s team, has been teasing “Harry’s House,” his third studio album, for over a week now. They have announced a release date of May 20, 2022, and revealed the album cover, which displays Harry wearing a babydoll shirt, wide-leg jeans and ballerina slippers, standing in a living room that is upside down.

CREDIT: Instagram/@harrystyles

Fans (myself included, obviously) flock to the website at 12 p.m. EST every day to see what is behind the door. Harries are all master investigators who have found a lot of enjoyment in attempting to uncover what the pictures behind the door mean.

No other male artists are doing it like Harry Styles.

“As It Was” is a timeless anthem that has set a stage for even more growth and success in his already-stellar career. His fanbase will only continue to rapidly increase in size, and while long-time fans feel that this is bittersweet, we all can agree that we want the world to know what it’s like to fall in love with our Harry.


Daniella Conde is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. When she's not lost in productivity while sipping on an overpriced caffeinated beverage at a coffee shop, you can find her binge-reading romance novels, obsessing over Taylor Swift Easter eggs or finding any possible way to flee Gainesville for the weekend.


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