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Happy Halloween!! Tonight's Blue Full Moon Says Hello!

The veil between the spirit world is thinnest on Halloween, just in time for the full moon

( Macau Photo Agency / Unsplash )


On this Halloween, restlessness tinges the air. Everyone can feel the slight tingle, the prickle on our skin. And some speculate as the blue full moon beams above us tonight, sudden shifts will materialize. 

2020 is quite the year for moons!!! We’ve had two supermoons already, but the last Halloween full moon was in 1944. The next one is projected for 2039. 

Blue moons, however, appear about every three years, so they too are rare. No, they unfortunately do not illuminate blue hues. (Although how cool would that be?!) Its blue tint is simply a signal that it is the second full moon in one month. 

So look up! it's already in the sky. All it needs is the black backdrop, and the magic will begin.

The last few nights, Andrea Santee, a Reiki master, intuitive tarot reader and channeling medium and spiritual adviser, said she has stirred in her bed. During the day, her agitation gives way to sleepiness. However, she advises everyone to observe their bodily sensations and obey their needs. Our bodies are our shrines, and our energy within the divine.

Tonight, prepare for the revelations, or should I say, awareness of what is already within.


Especially today, the full moon will heighten our emotions, Santee said. And its conjunction with Uranus, the planet of change, will activate Kundalini, our life force energy. Basically, it’ll almost be like we are under its spell.

Normally on new and full moons, Santee said she leads a Reiki group with her clients. However, on this full moon, she suggests people notice nudges in their body and spirit, and express their authentic self without any suppression. Whether that be via Reiki, or manifestation, she said to do what gravitates them. As the moon pulls us, trails will siphon us towards their directions.

There is, however, a theme of healing and releasing.


On this full moon, Santee senses a theme of healing and releasing, more so than manifestation. The sun is in scorpio too, which means even more confrontation of our shadows. Now, she thinks, the time is ripe for Shadow Work. 

When the full moon is out, our inner wolves howl and our dark sides cannot be tamed. 

“You have to go through the shadow and heal the deepest parts of yourself - some that you don't even know are there,” she said. “And then they just kind of make themselves extremely obvious. It's all about working with both sides of yourself.”

And as journeys begin, she said we must wade through the darkness to resurface.

It’s the perfect time to get in touch with some ghosts and ghouls — literally

Because the full moon is on Halloween, when she said the veil between the spirit world is thinnest, connection with spirits will be even more prevalent. 

Every day, she said she speaks with her ancestors, or guides, verbally and internally. With each ancestor, she sees images of them, and distinct whiffs waft around her. When her papa is near, she said she often smells cigar smoke.

Tonight, she suspects they will make their presence more known.

“A lot of people are going to start getting new guides and new ancestors come in,” she said. “They're still going to be working with the old, but since the veil is going to be so thin, it's going to create a space to where other guides can come through.”

She said signs include reappearing feathers or coins as well as quick shivers and goosebumps. 

As the full moon rises, she plans to ease into a salt bath to eliminate stagnant energy and to light a candle while she talks with her loved ones. Now, her sacred space encases a pumpkin, candles, a statue of a crow, sunflowers and other plants. Often, she decorates her space with a seasonal theme. Each season, its aura evolves with her.

This full moon will unfurl major energy shifts. So ground yourself.

Drink water, spend time outside bathing in the sunlight (or moonlight), listen to our bodies and remain present. This full moon will be one we can all feel, Santee said.

“Some people are going to be working with abilities that they are bridging over from different lifetimes,” she said. “It might confuse some people about what's going on, but it will click. It's going to bring a lot of clarity for a lot of people.”


Katie Delk is an Online Writer at Rowdy Magazine. Her simple pleasures include meditating, sitting beneath trees, writing poetry and blasting ’70s music. She cares immensely about the earth, powerful women and social justice. You can reach her at kdelk@ufl.edufor more info.


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