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Halloween, Astrology Girl Edition

Rowdy’s last-minute DIY costume guide

CREDIT: Instagram @euphoria


My Halloween costume is and always has been a big deal for me, and I usually plan it weeks in advance after scrolling through Pinterest for hours. In my dream world, a holiday where it's socially acceptable to dress up just for the fun of it would be a monthly event. But I get that costume shopping can be stressful, and the premade Spirit Halloween ones usually don’t look as cute on you as they do on those models on the front of the bag. I’m a firm supporter of DIYing your costume because it allows for more creative freedom and you can avoid that annoying scratchy fabric costume companies insist on using. As a Virgo sun and Scorpio rising, telling people what to do and Halloween are two of my favorite things. Here’s some costume inspo based on your sun sign that you can make from what you already have in your closet before this weekend.


Dani, Midsommar

Capricorns tend to be practical and grounded, so I think you deserve to be a little unhinged this Halloween. Channel your inner “good for her” and be Midsommar’s Dani. A white milkmaid dress and a flower crown are all you need to be the May queen. This also works as a couple’s costume if your partner is willing to dress up as a sacrificed bear.


Layla, Buffalo '66

Christina Ricci’s surreal and dreamy character is a perfect fit. An Aquarius would appreciate the uniqueness of this costume and the emotional depth of Layla. You’ll only need a light blue slip dress, blue tights and a white cardigan. I guess this one could also be a couple’s costume, if we want to keep going on this streak of you being the main character everyone on Pinterest loves and your partner being your toxic side character.


Iris, Taxi Driver

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, and being the ‘youngest’ sign translates into a joyful and sometimes immature personality. Iris, the child who motivates the protagonist in Taxi Driver, resonates with these traits in a Pisces. You’ll need a pink front-tie shirt, a red marker or fabric paint to add the red details, denim shorts and a straw hat. This one technically doubles as a Maddy Perez costume -- she went as Iris in the Halloween episode of Euphoria.


Lydia Deetz, Beetlejuice

Every Aries I’ve ever met is an ex-emo kid with a tendency to be angsty, just like Miss Lydia Deetz. Being Winona Ryder’s character in the wedding scene only requires a red dress and the signature updo with spiked bangs. You can also carry around a bouquet of dead red roses for dramatic effect, which an Aries like you is all about.


Jennifer Check, Jennifer's Body

Tauruses like Megan Fox are self-assured and Her role in Jennifer’s Body was underappreciated for years and is only recently getting the hype it deserves, which is a feeling many earth signs are used to. Even though this will probably be a common costume this year based on the amount of Jennifer Check tiktoks I’ve gotten on my For You page, I trust a Taurus to know how to personalize it with your individuality complex. You can choose between her purple cheerleader outfit, the iconic heart sweater with jeans or her blood-covered white dress.


Elvira Hancock, Scarface

This is perfect for a Gemini who loves a hot girl costume but hates wearing the same thing as everybody else. I hardly ever see any Elviras so you’ll definitely get to scratch your Gemini itch to be a trendsetter, but I think this will be the last year before they start mass-producing it for the Halloween stores. All you’ll need is either a turquoise or white slip dress and some black sunglasses. You can either go solo or with a partner as your Tony Montana.


Suzy Bishop, Moonrise Kingdom

Your sensitive and perceptive nature can make you come off as blunt and moody, like Wes Anderson’s Suzy Bishop. All this costume needs is a pink dress, white knee-high socks, binoculars and a basket. You can add on some blue eyeshadow and beetle earrings if you're the type to care about the small details. Fellow Cancer sun and Halloween lover Ariana Grande wore this costume before, with Mac Miller as her Sam Shakusky.


Foxxy Cleopatra, Austin Powers

Of course I know that Beyonce is a proud Virgo, but her Austin Powers character is definitely a Leo. Considering you’re a fire sign ruled by the Sun, this bright costume will look great on you. You’ll need a matching orange crop top and flare pants set and some gold jewelry. Leos usually love having a group of friends that they do everything with, and the rest of your group can be the several other Austin Powers franchise characters that were basically born to be Halloween costumes.


Margot Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums

Ambitious and grounded but sometimes overly critical and arrogant, Wes Anderson’s Margot Tenebaum is the perfect depiction of Virgo energy. Get a beige (faux) fur coat, a striped polo dress, red hair clips and smudged black eyeliner. Margot’s aura of mystery and the need to always be the best-dressed are inherent to an earth sign like you.


Britney Spears

I know this is like the millionth time Rowdy has mentioned Britney, but I promise it's for a good reason. A Libra like you probably slacked off on picking a costume because you were too indecisive to decide. The princess of pop has so many iconic outfits that there definitely is at least one you can piece together before your Halloween plans. The “Slave 4 U” snake costume, the “Toxic” music video flight attendant, the “Baby One More Time” schoolgirl uniform, the “Oops!...I Did It Again” red jumpsuits are just a few of the many Britney costumes you can make with stuff in your closet and a trip to a craft store.


Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

Scorpios are the right balance of intensity and love, just like the matriarch of the Addams family. Morticia Addams is the hot goth mom every Scorpio aspires to be. Sophie Turner, who also happens to be a water sign, perfected this look back in 2018. A velvet black dress, a dark smokey eye and a man who's willing to be your adoring sidekick of a husband are all you need.


Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you’re a Sagittarius, you probably can not stand the cheesy Halloween store costumes and you have a bit of a superiority complex about not caring about the holiday in general. This low-effort costume is just enough for you to not feel like a total buzzkill this weekend without having to put too much work into it. Johnny Depp’s antihero character calls for an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt with a plain white tee underneath, aviator sunglasses, khaki shorts and a bucket hat. It’s a casual costume that references a semi-obscure film; what more could a fire sign want?

I personally can’t wait for my Instagram feed to be flooded with Halloween pics-- at least it's a break from all the game day pics. Just please don’t wear an insensitive or offensive costume; seriously, there’s no excuse for still doing that in 2021. Have fun this weekend and stay safe!


Emilia Cardenas-Perez is an online and print writer for Rowdy Magazine. She enjoys fruit bowls, mafia movies, online shopping and ranting about her thoughts on niche subjects. You can reach on Instagram @emiliaaandreaa or by email


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