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Goodbye Column: Thank You for Providing a Safe Haven in Gainesville

Sol Weman says her final goodbye to Rowdy and Gainesville.

(Photo Credit/@s0ls0lecit0 on Instagram)


My dearest Rowdy,

I would say goodbye but I know it isn’t — I’ll just be watching you from afar now.

Growing up is real hard to do but I will always look back at you and how intrinsically linked you have become with my years in college.

I used to hate living in Gainesville, thought I should have opted for a big city and could not think of a single thing this town had to offer me. Three and a half years, and three Rowdy issues later, I realize just how wrong I was. This magazine provided me a safe haven and something I was truly proud to be a part of, professionally and personally.

To the team who took me in with open arms, patient as only a mother could be through my mistakes and growing pains, I’m all grown up now and ready to let go of your hand as I move forward to this next phase in my life (but I hope you’ll all come along for the ride).

To the ones taking my place, I am so incredibly proud of you. I know you are ready to surpass my expectations for you, and trust me when I say they’re quite high.

So here I go, logging off for the last time and deleting my Slack.

I cannot wait to see how far we all go.

With lots of love forever,



Sol Weman is Rowdy Magazine's former head campaign strategist.


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